Stand up Citizens “If the council wants things to change” they need to do it now (Fire Department)

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  1. Lets break this down 712 responding to fire calls does the town no good do to the fact this person has little to no fire training an is not certified as a firefighter. Needs to be a public records request from Hamilton county on what units went to call ie the brush truck the fire engine or the so called quick rescue truck.


    What is going here is that the personnel that work for Hamilton EMS and are a part of the fire department they are responding to calls as EMS and Fire because we know that during the day unless a member is sitting at the station being paid no one would show up. Why not just take all the calls for WSFD under Steve and compare them to Calls answered under Pittman you will see a massive difference plus the number of people responding.


    If the council wants things to change then they need to make the changes stop waiting an do it before its to late or if they are happy with what they got then let it go and pray your home never catches fire.


    Step down Steve quit again leave the department stop playing with people’s lives there homes we all know you are only doing this to be the cool guy you got to try an fit in because you could never fit in with a real department its not a social club its a fire department.

One Reply to “Stand up Citizens “If the council wants things to change” they need to do it now (Fire Department)”

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