Stand up Citizen comments on the firefighters on Stith’s roster and how the former firefighters put this fake fire department to shame

708 lives in an works in Nassau county. So still the biggest question not answered by Steve is how many an how long will it take to get here for a fire or any other major emergency? He keeps saying the county said they have 25 minutes to respond to calls which to any normal person is way too long. Compare this to when Chief Pittman was running the department the average response time was less then 5 minutes longest was 10 do to equipment problems 97% of the time there was a total of 4 to 5 personnel who where responding. The only reason we have people at the station now is because they are being paid to be there 100 dollars a day stop baying them an see how many show up to pull a shift i bet none will. Under Pittman the station was manned almost daily with one or more personnel FOR FREE doing it because they loved doing it an they cared about this town and its citizens the doors where always open not locked up like a bank vault like it is every day now under stith just goes to show you the difference between a true Fire Chief/leader and a fake wanna be couldn’t take it before quite twice before left the town hanging with nothing Fire chief.

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