You may recall that Willie Jefferson gave Walter McKenzie grief over filling out an evaluation of Stacy Tebo’s performance.  After we stated that a performance evaluation is something required annually under Ms. Tebo’s contract, amazingly it all came to fruition.  Here are the results, biased as they are since Ms. Tebo controls people by fear and has little or no inherent management skills.

The evaluation consists of an evaluation of each of the following:

  1. Strategic Leadership – Able to inspire, influence and enable others to achieve a specific mission, drive for results/initiative.
  2. Organizational and Professional Knowledge – having a solid knowledge of the organization as well as professional expertise.
  3. Decision Making – acts and makes timely decisions with business direction. Delegates decision making authority to level of capacity and information closes to internal/external customer.
  4. Customer Focus – ability to anticipate and meet internal/external customer needs in a timely manner. Ensures customer satisfaction through process of monitoring, developing, improving and delivering excellence in products or services.
  5. Selection and Development of People – competence can be seen by how well self and others are developed.
  6. Teamwork/partnering – builds winning teams. Works effectively with others to accomplish goals/resolve problems.
  7. Accountability – makes aggressive commitment and is willing to be judged against them. Trustworthy with unyielding integrity..
  8. Vision/Direction Setting – ability to provide clear sense of direction for organization/department; Secures relevant information. Identifies key issues and sets priorities.
  9. Drive for Results/Resource Management – identifies new ways to improve quality, productivity, customer service and safety awareness. Maximizes talents and abilities.  Uses available resources efficiency (e.g. time, materials)
  10. Adaptability – ability to be flexible when changes occur. Able to anticipate and bring about change when needed.


Tonja Brown’s Overall Evaluation of Competencies was – GREATLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS ON 1-10.  Ms. Brown stated “This employee has been a big help to the Town of White Springs.  She is very active in the community and show others how much she cares about the Town of White Springs.  In overall, this employee is rated higher on my knowledge (Which isn’t much LOL)

Willie Jefferson Overall Evaluation of Competencies was – Meets Expectations 1-10  (meets and occasionally exceeds)  Willie believes Ms. Tebo displays leadership; gets funding for projects and makes a balanced budget (LMAO)

Rhett Bullard’s Overall Evaluation of Competence was – GREATLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS ON 1-10.  Mr. Bullard had comments.  1.  Has been a tremendous help with our grant administration.  2.  Very involved in our P & A process.  3.  Ms. Tebo works hard and consistently works many hours on evenings and weekends due to our limited staffing budget.  4.  Very hands on with city concerns.  Have received many compliments regarding that.   5.  She is very knowledgeable and able to prosiest. 6.  Helps all departments with their needs.  7. Because of a small size, it is hard to make ends meet as being aggressive as had due to time constraints.  9.  Ms. Tebo is very driven and knowledgeable.  10.  Been pleased with her adaptability.


Walter McKenzie  overall evaluation of Competencies is DOES NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS 1-10:

Walter Mckenzie states:  1.  I don’t see evidence of leadership   2. TRW expertise would have had better results of conflicts.  3.  Don’t see evidence of effectiveness.  4. Ms. Tebo is not responsive to suggestions on how to improve her “customer relationships”.5. Dismissal and litigation are not “Development”.  6.  Perceived problems have not been resolved – only litigation.  7.  Negativity and criticisms are not good commitments.  8.  I see no clear sense of direction.  9.  Talents and abilities have not been maximized.  10.  Not adapting to change. Eventually seeks to litigate rather than to deal with issues in other more productive and less expensive ways.    He further stated that we”never had a workshop to establish goals; never had a public workshop to review performance.  I have never seen the council so divided and in my opinion, office so much in a state of unrest” (Councilor McKenzie is absolutely correct and I commend him on his honesty at the meeting as well as in his evaluation. – Furthermore Mr. McKenzie brought up the fact that there was no workshop on the drug situation regarding Stacy Tebo’s use of Percoset; yet as always the power of three elected to dismiss Mr. McKenzie and go through with approving Ms. Tebo’s contract 3-1, of course.



In my opinion Stacy Tebo has not mat any of the expectations.  We have grant writers who assist in grants; the lighting grant was secured by someone other than Ms. Tebo and has been ongoing;   The only leadership Ms. A Tebo has is to use fear so that the ignorant people will follow her.  Those who are not ignorant will secure other jobs eventually….and it is sad what she is doing to the Fire Department and subsequently to police officers and to say she doesn’t even know them.  What a so called manager.

Insofar as organization, she knows all the secrets and sins of Andrew Greene, Pam Tomlinson, Rhett Bullard, Willie Jefferson and possibly Tonja Brown and Tracy Rodriquenz.  Her writings and her statements at meetings are not fully detailed and they are not organized making it difficult to know what the heck she is saying.  Take for instance the Christmas parade, the form was ridiculously simple; did not state one needed a toy to go into the park; did not say if there could be art sculptured santas on the floats or were real santa’s excluded.  No one lined anyone up; everybody did their own thing and someone must of told the Jasper news or they inquired, because some of the details were in the paper but definitely not in the meeting which was referred to.

Rhett Bullard really is to lazy or ignorant and has allowed Stacy Tebo to run everything and her decision making for only keeping the best of the best is very crucial; yet she keeps Pam who even the accountant and Joe had a laugh about; and of course there is tattletale Greene who is ruining our fire department; She was stupid enough to attack Helen Miller and thus there was no coverage for her under the Town’s insurance.  We give her an additional $7,500 which turns into $8,700, a benefit not given to any other employee which Tebo should be taxed on in a 1099.  She gets rid of Anita Rivers who was the best and brightest and she thinks she can fire police or fireman without council approval but knows better.  Maybe she is drug induced; but I believe she is just a poor manager and wants things her way even though others may have better decisions.

As to Customer Focus, I do not even have to answer this one.  It is not only Joe Griffin she is nasty with and god help us if she is working at the office on her suit against DeBary on.White Springs Time; that does not matter to her whatsoever.  She shuts her office and will not talk to customers but is available for Rhett and Tonja.

Rhett scored her excellently on the selection and development of people.  Stacy tebo does not wish to Select bright individuals or develop their skills.  That was a fact with Anita Rivers for certain.  She does not address problems but thinks they will handle themselves.  She has not reviewed job descriptions; specifically amending the administrative assistant position;   She judges people once and instead of writing them up or just having an adult discussion, she elects to secure their resignation or fire them.  She is a clown but she has hurt so many people, the taxpayers expecially.

Teamwork/Partnering – There is none of that except when it comes to requests from Rhett and Tonja.  She does not understand that there is no “I” in team.  I rather doubt if she ever set a goal in her life, especially the manner in which she is handling the budget.  Then Rhett Bullard felt Stacy Tebo could negotiate with a new Attorney Karen Hatton, which that is the position of the council.  Has everyone but Walter McKenzie lost their braion?

Accountability is a joke in Stacy Tebo’s world.  She will lie like Rhett Bullard to get what she wants.  I would not trust her word for anything.  In fact what I find weird is that I have noticed if someone poses a question to Tonja Brown or Willie Jefferson or Stacy Tebo, Rhett feels he can lie better than them and give more for instances than anyone else and thus answers for them.  This is not a council, except for Walter McKenzie and the ousted Helen Miller.  The power of three do not know what to do and they think Stacy Tebo has the best ideas.  Obviously none of them have experienced a real inspirational manager who assists others to excel who makes goals based upon objectives and meets those goals, including balancing the budget and expenses on a monthly basis.

Stacy has no vision except to be a Town Clerk at DeBary, but that will be a cold day in hell.  She does not identify key issues and if she did, she would bury them, because like Pam, she wishes no more work than she has to do since she is so busy listening to the liars who are her favorite slackers.

Stacy has no drive.  Helen Miller had drive and I am seeing more of Walter McKenzie becoming alive at council meetings with drive and conviction.  The power of three are either ignorant or just lackidasical.

And don’t get me on adaptability; With Stacy that is not possible.  As were the statements made under oath in the Rivers’ case, “You do not question Stacy Tebo”.  Yikes she is like a bull dog who wants everything her way and if you do not kiss her, she will surely put you under the bus and have her lackies try and find some trivial thing you have done and ultimately fire you for NO CAUSE.

Never, Never have I seen such a Town in dire straits; yet, we can probably hope for bankruptcy and thus be owned by the county and then Stacy will be removed as will the three dunces…oh the power of three.


Karin for the blog.


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