Stacy may be thrown under the bus when the commission investigates

Even though Joe and I are married, and the majority of the time our views are similiar, each of us, occasionally may have a different take on subject matter, which sometimes makes for a healthy discussion and conclusion.  Yet, when it comes to Statements of Facts in the Complaints which have been sent to the Commission on Ethics, each of us handle our own complaints.

You will note that I have placed two complaints on the blog recently, one of which was Joe’s and one of which was mine.  I was advised today, that the commission is investigating both Joe’s and my complaints simultaneously.  And since there is so much material, it will take some time to weed through all of it plus make a physical investigation.

Now two of our complaints, LOFT and the payments to Hutcherson were not addressed by the Commission, nor could they.  LOFT needed to be handled by a different entity and the Hutcherson Money, since it was an employee of White Springs, the Commission could not get involved in the Town’s Management, even though Federal Law may even prohibit it if they saw what was done.  But Ms. Tebo feels she is invincible, but while my complaints were made strictly about Rhett Bullard, Joe’s complaints which I have recently seen have blamed Stacy Tebo.   I am certain if Rhett Bullard is brought forth with charges of ethics violations, he will blame Stacy Tebo since it is a Weak Form of Mayor/Council and Town Manager form of Government.  And then Ms. Tebo will have more infractions added to her resume.

Joe’s complaints relate to Tebos Misuse of her Public Position. Joe provided the River’s depositions as I did, wherein even Chief Rodriquenz said under oath that she might as well look for another job because she felt Ms. Tebo would fire her if she crossed her in an under oath testimony.   Also brought up was her use of narcotic substances and her admission that she has had long term use of the controlled substance;  It is believed that such a demand by Ms. Tebo is a violation of F.S. 112.313(6) and Florida Statute 893, Florida’s evidence Code.  Possession of a controlled substance is a violation of Florida Statute 893.13.6 (a).  When asked under Florida Statute 119, six times, for a copy of any medical prescription for the controlled substances, such were unresponded.

Joe’s complaint also stated that Ms. Tebo was aware and provided a special privilege to Mr. Andrew Greene for using the Fire SUV as he saw fit for his personal use mainly.  She granted to Mr. Greene a special benefit which no other town employee gets and has put the safety of the public at risk by this granting.  Again a misuse of Ms. Tebo’s public position.

Both Joe and I included the information on John Davis, our previous code enforcement officer, who resigned code enforcement by reason of the interference of Tonja Brown, a rogue Council Member.  Furthermore in my Complaints, it was shown that subsequently Officer Davis was given the option to be fired or to resign as a police officer for no apparent cause, except for vindictivness relating to him following the law relating to code enforcement.  Ms. Tebo refused to place the complaint on the agenda and Spencer Lofton said it was taken care of in his investigation.  Tonja Brown should have had a hearing similar to Helen Miller’s hearing because she is a Rogue council member.  And although neither Joe nor I have placed a complaint against Spencer Lofton, I am certain the investigator from the Commission on Ethics will find what a messed up situation White Springs is in and all the unethical practices will come forward.  Joe Griffin has also made an Elections Fraud Complaint against Ms. Tonja Brown and I understand from the intimation given, but I do not know who, another citizen also made a complaint against Ms. Brown.

So let’s see how these investigations unravel.  I know Rhett Bullard believes he is untouchable, but with all of the complaints made from an ethics standpoint, it could find him in a precarious position of his law license being threatened and when it comes to his license or Stacy Tebo, I can guarantee, Ms. Tebo will be under the bus, since all Rhett was and he will stress, was a “Weak Mayor”.

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