Sooner or Later Miller will get rid of anyone who does not honor her wishes or who she has a vendetta against


Mayor Helen Miller is finally managing to remove those people from either staff, administration or official positions.  She apparently was fearful of Stacy Tebo, but definitely is taking advantage of her “power” now.

We know she wrote the letter which Nicole Williams submitted on Tonja Brown, because Miller admitted she “hated” Brown. And the letter type was the same as that used by Miller previously, plus there was no doubt in the grammar used. However, Brown had many constituents who voted her in time after time because they wished to be represented by her. In fact our Town Attorney advised Brown that she had to vote and inferred that the complaint against her was valid.  But wait!  Mayor Miller made it clear that she followed the Commission on Ethics format which is used in “Hearings”. Therefore Ms. Brown said she needed time to read the determination at a HEARING. Nevertheless, what the Town Attorney told Ms. Brown was not totally accurate (skirting the law for the benefit of Mayor Miller) because Ms. Brown stated she needed more time to read the material of which Hearings allow.  But Mayor Miller can be proud because she got rid of Ms. Brown.


Then there is the case of Yvonne Bryant.  We do not know why Mayor Miller disliked her, especially when Ms. Bryant performed her job well for the Town of White Springs and the citizens seemed to love her pleasant demeanor. So the first we heard of the plan to get rid of Ms. Bryant was at a Town meeting, where even though her name was not mentioned, Tommie Jones brought up the fact that Yvonne was “bullying” him.  If sweet little Yvonne could actually bully anyone, I would be surprised, but here is Tommie Jones getting all of the sympathy or trying to from those in the meeting stating how he was being bullied and abused.

Is that a manager?  Absolutely not, because Managers take care of the problem, if there is one, and do not bring up dirty laundry at meetings.  But when Yvonne brought up things which were not resolved at a meeting, she was shut down by then Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie because it was the wrong place to discuss those matters.  Yet where else could she go, and others from the Special Events Committee spoke out on Yvonne’s behalf.  So Tommie Jones had to work a little harder and found a discrepancy in her application and told her she had a choice to resign or be fired.   Prior to this happening, you would find Ms. Bryant in tears and could hear that she was being abused by Jones.  Today she looks great.  How much can a person handle when your Town Manager abuses you and then the Council will not listen?  At least Mayor Miller got her way.


Now in the case of her lies to keep Joe Griffin off of the Town Council, she felt that if she used the “Veteran” situation, that with two Veterans applying, Joe Griffin could not make a complaint.  And Joe, contrary to popular belief, only fights to have the law adhered to.  But here in White Springs we not only have two liars running the Town with Miller and Jones, but an attorney who is fighting for them, and at every point will skirt the law so they have a big win.

We also know Rivers and Nikki Williams would never vote for Joe anyway because even though we have assisted them through the years, the minute we did not agree with Helen, they took after us by phone and in the blog. No good deed ever goes unpunished it seems, but now they are on their own.

Let’s look at the Veteran Status.  If Joe Griffin was securing employment from the Town, as a veteran of a foreign war, he would have to be given preferential treatment.  Thus, in order not to give Griffin preferential treatment, she would have to show that there was more than one applicant who served in the Military.  Chapter 295.07 Preference in appointment and retention, stipulates the state and its political subdivision shall give preference in appointment and retention in positions of employment to:  Those disabled veterans who have served on active duty in any branch of the United States Armed forces, have received an honorable discharge, and have established the present existence of a service connected disability that is compensable under public law administered by the United States Department of Veteran affairs.

Or who are receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits or pension by reason of public law administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Department of Defense for which the latter applies.

Applying however, for an office appointment, is not in accordance with the statute pertaining to employment.  Under Section 4 of Chapter 295, Positions in political subdivisions of the state which are filed by officers elected by popular vote or persons appointed to fill vacancies in such offices and the personal secretary of each office, member of boards and commissions, persons employed on a temporary basis without benefit, heads of departments, positions that require licensure…….. ARE EXEMPT FROM THE AFOREMENTIONED. 

However, even though at the time when we were assisting Helen Miller to secure her mayor-ship again and be rid of the prior mayors and Town Manager, she made a promise to Joe that although Walter McKenzie would never vote for him, if a position was made available, she would assist him in getting him on the Town Council, I knew it was a blatant lie.  And although she did not break the law by not giving Joe Griffin preferential treatment, because such is not justified or required by officials in accordance with Chapter 292 of the Statute, she had to make certain her bases were covered.  She lied about the other candidate’s veteran status as well as thanking both for their Military Service.

Now let’s go back to Joe’s Chapter 119 Public Records request.  Mayor Miller and Tommie Jones have worked out some type of ploy with the Town Attorney to assure that  Joe does not get certain records.  In fact when Joe went into Town Hall in frustration that he was given the incorrect paperwork, probably for the third or fourth time, with plastic behind the bars at the front desk Tommie Jones called foul,

Tommie Jones tried to get an audience by saying “Joe was attempting to hit him in the head”  How he could reach his head without being Sponge Bob, I surely do not know.  If you do not believe how absurd that is, try and place your wrist (and that is probably all that you are going to get through the plastic and barred area,) through and you will find that there is no way that Joe could have if that was his intent to hit Tommie Jones.  All Joe did was push the paperwork which he received at him.

No way was Mr. Jones in danger because (1) Joe may growl at someone but he does not hit anyone (Not even McKenzie who hit him in the mouth for telling McKenzie he should follow the law) and (2) his frustration was about a run around and neither Joe or I are good at tolerating liars and will definitely tell them so in so many words.

Jones is a liar but so is Helen Miller so they make an excellent pair and that is why we do not believe Miller will give the two candidates Evett and Emrich a fair evaluation.  By the Way Joe is the one who asked the Town to call the Sheriff’s office, because he wished a witness because he did not trust anyone, and who could blame him.  Only Officer Doyle showed up and told Joe, outside of the building,  to take a suit against the town.

She, Miller, loves her Tommie Jones who will bend over backwards to do everything she tells him to do.  Neither has any Moral Turpitude ¹  and will do what they have to in order to get rid of people they do not like.  Unfortunately, like previously when Helen Miller had to go through something similar as she put us through, Karma is sure to get her again because nothing too good or too bad lasts for too long. And she is a very evil and conniving in her treatment of others.  Like someone once placed on the blog, “There aren’t enough brownies that she can bake and give to others”  Unfortunately Joe believed that after what Miller went through, she would not treat others badly, but as I have always said “Leopards don’t change their spots”..


Karin for the blog

¹ Moral Turpitude. A phrase used in Criminal Law to describe conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals. Crimes involving moral turpitude have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, or depravity with respect to a person’s duty to another or to society in general.

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