Some rationality into the border debate

Help us inject some rationality into the border debate.

Most of the media coverage about Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy at the border is designed to foment outrage. Here are a couple of exceptions that I urge you to read and share widely:


“Congress Should Act on the Border,” National Review editorial. Money quote:

The only way that the ongoing influx at the border will stop is if migrants realize that they won’t make it into the United States. Congress has it within its power to make it possible to hold families together and – if they don’t have legitimate asylum claims – swiftly return them home together.

Roy tweeted another excerpt from the editorial that the mainstream media has all but ignored:

“{The Flores decision} means that if we want to keep families together the only option is to release them together – creating an incentive for more migrants to make the dangerous journey to the border, to get released into the interior in their turn.”


“4 Things The Media Won’t Tell You About The Border Crisis” by John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist:

1. Prior To “Zero Tolerance,” Families Who Crossed The Border Illegally Were Often Released

2. Illegal Immigrants Who Are Released Often Fail To Appear At Court Hearings

3. Our Immigration System Is Woefully Backlogged

4. Cartels And Human Traffickers Are Exploiting The Border Crisis


“‘We will not apologize for doing our job'” by Mark Krikorian, CIS, who calls the bluff of the anti-enforcement activists and their enablers in Congress and the media:

The government’s choice at that point is to detain the parents and put the children in a shelter (because of legal prohibition on keeping children in detention for more than 20 days, even with their parents) or to release the whole family with a notice to appear, which they will ignore, disappearing into the illegal population. Again, the critics of current policy are saying that bringing a child with you when you ask for asylum should exempt you from detention, i.e., give you access to the United States, after which you disappear.

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