Some history on the shafting of Kevin Pittman

White Springs Fire Chief Steven R. Stith certainly has the education and certificates but apparently he has always had difficulty communicating and working with those who would be volunteer firefighters.   Funny isn’t it, when Tebo said Kevin Pittman had a problem communicating…but who has Tebo’s time to keep e-mailing non-important issues?  Only Tebo.


We now can confirm that Steven R. Stith definitely was contacted by Rhett and Stacy Tebo to again apply as fire chief for White Springs after the Halloween Haunted House. It was within the month that Stacy requested Kevin’s resignation, but  we loved that he ignored her and kept assisting the citizens of White Springs.


There are eight reasons why we believe Rhett, rather than Stacy decided to have Steve Stith return as fire chief:

(1)  Kevin Pittman was held in high esteem by the Community and his brotherhood of firefighters and Rhett could not compete against the brotherhood of Alfa Males.


(2)  Kevin Pittman and the firefighters jointly and severally did not want and did not need Andrew Greene as an Assistant Fire Fighter because Andrew could not fight a fire without danger to himself and Kevin would not sign his wife’s certification.  They were both dangerous so much they could place the other firefighters in danger.


(3) Because of Rhett’s cousin and former town Manager it was necessary that Andrew be given special consideration since Andrew has kept their dirty little secrets from ever reaching FDLE. The Sheriff’s office,  or the FBI.


(4)Rhett Bullard was extremely inconsiderate to both Kevin Pittman as well as the figirefighters,  in the same manner in which he attacked Helen Miller.  No it was he who made the decision but Stacy had to do all the paperwork even if she was the Town Manager and should have stood up for the Rights of the Citizens.  But of course, Stacy Tebo doesn’t give a damned about White Springs, just her pay check.


(5) With the prior fire department Steve was one of the partiers as were some of the other firefighters who were all disbanded; some even leaving town.  And the parties were not with the brotherhood and the wives but with other women and men, a dirty little secret they all could keep, per the Rhatt Watch.  Yet, Kevin Pittman and his firefighters were serious firefighters and had a camaraderie with their brotherhood and their families and no illicit sex experiments.


(6) In Steve Stith’s employment application dated January 21, 2018, relating to the date available. It was stated “AS SOON AS NEEDED”  When Stith quit the last time Stacy certainly verbalized she did not need him and would never hire him again when we fought for him.  So obviously Rhett was the one who needed Stith with some nefarious business deal relating to century ambulance and getting Kevin Pittman either to work for Stith, which Rhett knew he would not do, or resign or be fired out of pure jealousy of Kevin Pittman’s leadership.   Steve Stith unfortunately does not have that type of leadership skill so he is safe to Rhett Bullard.


(7) Yes his application was dated 10 days after the resignations of our Chief and firefighters, but it seems coincidental.  Remember the history between Tebo and Stith and she would have never hired him if Rhett would not have demanded it.   Plus Stith can bring Century Ambulance to White Springs, which did not happen and use the Fire House while he tries to get his ambulance company to cover all of Hamilton County.


(8)  After Stith resigned the last time, he had never attended meetings until the one on the 11th of January which would be strange unless he had a heads-up from Rhett.  Then, if you will recall, he gave a five minute speech on how terrible it was for the firefighters to bring up their no confidence letter at a public meeting regarding Andrew Greene. He always kept Andrew at his side and Rhett needed someone to keep Andrew on.


And this is the January 21, 2018 letter Steve Stith wrote to “Dear Ms. Tebo”:
“I am writing to you regarding the open position for White Springs Fire Chief.  I feel the position will involve many of the same responsibilities that I am currently performing.  My present position requires the management of approximately 100 people.  15 ambulance units and 5 commanders.
I believe that you will agree that my qualifications, highlighted in the enclosed resume amply demonstrate the extensive firefighter/paramedic knowledge, skill and management experience that can contribute to your fire department.  Throughout my career, I have attended numerous courses to expand my knowledge base, including S130 and S190 Forestry certification and all National Incident Management System classes.
I look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how I can be an asset to your service.
Thank you most sincerely for your time and consideration.”


I know that some of you find the above letter interesting, especially with respect to the history between Stith and Tebo and I remember her words that she would NEVER hire him back again.  So Thank you Rhett Bullard for making certain White Springs no longer has a Fire Department because there can only be one beloved person in White Springs and that has to be you..


Although I will provide his experience via his resume, I find his objective interesting.  Unlike Kevin Pittman and even Don Wilson who covered for Stith, he just wishes to manage and coordinate.  He will not be the first at a fire like Kevin or Don and actually do something until the other firefighters arrive.  If it would not have been for the fast actions of Chief Pittman, Mike Harris’s Row Buildings would have totally burned down, not saving a one…and Mike Harris had no insurance and no contracts requiring his tenants to have insurance.  And if it would not have been for the fast actions of Don Wilson, a portion of our property as well as Scott Gay’s property would have burned in the Sistrunk Fire.  Either you are born a firefighter or you are not and Stith was not born to be one….nor Andrew Greene or his spouse.


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