Some Bits and Pieces from the meeting; More bits and pieces tomorrow

Walter McKenzie had a meeting with the Florida League of Cities on Thursday at 3:30 so will meet with Stacy Tebo Friday Morning to sign the numerous documents for the USDA grant ffor the Fire Engine.
No letter has been written that may be sent to the Attorney General regarding the Local Option Fuel Tax and it is believed that Ms. Hatton will drag that one until her leave time.  Somewhere she has to be able to read a statute and if she ever decided to read the statutes regarding the Fuel Tax, she would know she has been wrong all along.  But she is still protecting Stacy. Tebo and our former CPA
Stacy Tebo attended the Florida City and Management Cyber Security seminar and we should look into Federal Security utilizing On-line Training.
Hamilton County has a lettering machine for street signs which are of rectangular shape.  We have been told that we could use the lettering machine to make up signs and Ray Vaughn will go up and handle that.
There is still concern about the Fire Service Agreement reimbursement.  The Town feels it is taking too long and is going on to six months.  I hate to say it but prior to the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and Henry Land changing the agreement, there would have been no money received by White Springs and it has not been six months since the contract was changed out of pity.  If you believe White Springs will get additional money for their calls, think again.  Just look at the Sheriff’s office call log summary I made up.  Stith’s fire department is a joke.
The Hamilton County School Board has received Appraisals of $175,000 and $200,000 for the South Hamilton Elementary School Property.  The Property will be advertised for a request for Proposal and the School Board will review the offers as well as the property’s intended purpose and sell it to the bidder who provides a fair price but the best purpose of use.   Mayor Miller made it very clear that the Town Council has no plans to purchase the property under a contract or deed.  Frankly we have no money because Stacy Tebo does not know how to handle money or stay within a budget.
Joe Griffin’s complaints relating to the negotiations Spencer Lofton has made without council approval and without providing transparency to the public except for what we ordered from Superintendent of School Rex Mitchel and placed on the blog , were mentioned.  Attorney Hatton was ill prepared and indicated that the Sunshine Laws were just Attorney General “Opinions” and not law.  Although she mentioned some portions of it she ended up on a false assumption and that is when Joe Griffin interjected stipulating she was wrong and Hatton said he wan’t an attorney.  Yet, most of the cases are determined by the Florida Supreme Court and drafted and written as “Sunshine Laws” for the State of Florida and not opinions as Rhett Bullard and Karen Hatton have time and time again stated.  Obviously if an opinion is given by the Attorney General, our Town doesn’t have to follow that opinion per the majority of our council members.  Yet, why would Karen Hatton disparage one who reads Sunshine Laws and remembers the court cases, when she won’t even listen to the Attorney General?  Oh, she has bias against certain people and works with our Town Manager but will not work for something the Council voted upon, the letter to the Attorney General.   Obviously Karen Hatton is also above the law and she has just indicated she has attended a CLE continuing education for attorneys, but one cannot listen to  a citizen who knows nor can one listen to the Attorney General because our Town Council and Karen Hatton are above the law.
Karen Hatton had made a big deal to Joe Griffin that she not only read what the Sunshine Law stated but she read the court cases (to make sure the Legislators and the Supreme court cases were correct??? ha ha ha ) inferring that Joe had not.  Therefore Mayor Miller asked that Joe Griffin provide the council with the actual court cases.  Joe woke up late, didn’t start working on the court cases until afternoon, made a summary of where the law was determined in each court case, placed the information in a three ring binder, contacted Town Hall and Pam Tomlinson would not speak with him, and finally he received a call that they would make copies of the 25 some pages for each of the councilors and return the book back to him.  Even a fourth grader could understand the Supreme Court decisions.  My Goodness do we know how to pick an attorney; oh, sorry, Rhett Bullard picked her.
Helen Miller has requested informatin which Spencer Lofton has stated he has on his phone relative to all of these negotiations for the past three consecutive months and again mentioned that he has never provided the information and again asked for the information he has on his phone which is Public information.
Friday Night done Right will be held June 14th and the advertisement is also at the Health Center in White Springs.
Tebo will be attending the Department of Transportation local Workshop.  Hey since the Lake City Branch of DOT was so upset about not using our LOFT Money for Transportation but rather for everything else, (of which we provided them of the CPA and Town evidence), then perhaps DOT will straighten her thinking about LOFT Funds and how they are to be in a restricted fund and for only the specific use of Transportation as defined in the statute.  Yeh!!!
Karen Hatton reported that  Rhett Bullard contacted her regarding the road directly behind the Miller Property, which goes past Jim Smith’s residence and up to Andrew Greene’s father’s home, which had never been made into a road.  This closed Road although owned by the Town of White Springs has been used by the Greenes and the Smiths as their own personal property for all of these years.  What could be understood about this matter is that the Closed Road Ordinance and the deed had not been executed and was overlooked by the Town for the Two property owners.  When ask what transpired, Hatton just said it was taken care of by the two property owners…whatever that meant.
The Town is still working on the FRDAP Grant Options for the commencement of the work on the ball field.   They were still working on it for the last two months, so why can’t it be completed.  FRDAP told us they were still looking for the paperwork and if you will recall we also advised that FRDAP received no grant funds for this upcoming year so no grants will be awarded.  But of course, our Grant writer stating it was because of an August and September Grant application that we needed the reverter clause removed by the Hamilton County School Board.  Actually it was a cover-up by the Town and Stacy Tebo our Manager because even though the CDBG Grant did not ask the question of whether the Town owned the Carver Property, the fact that the Town stated they owned the property when they have not for years, if the CDBG Grantors found out, they would take the grant back and no building would be built.  The good news is that the Hamilton County School Board will be deeding the property to the Town of White Springs and of course removing the stipulations of the reverter clause. The bad news is that $600,000 is insufficient to build a community Center and yet have to demolish the Carver School Building, but what do I know?
As you will call, Mr. Dennis Price gave a fair offer of $25,000 for the old Town Hall/Jail Building.  The Town felt they would need a Real Estate Appraisal.  Councilman Tom Moore approached a realtor Ms. McDaniel for a Real Estate Appraisal.  She followed the rules of how such values are determined as I stipulated in a former blog post and came up with an appraised value of $26,884 after also analyzing comparative buildings, one in Jasper and one in White Springs.  At least, as Mr. Moore stated, this was a starting point.  A motion was brought that we needed to secure an appraisal from a licensed appraiser by Tom Moore and seconded by Walter McKenzie.  Spencer Lofton Stated that he is not voting to sell the building because it serves the community and  Mayor Miller stated that irregardless of what we do, we should have an appraisal on the building.
Then of course came the discussion of giving notice to Bebish Inc and Ms. Werts and Arthur Natteal were in the audience.  It became a drama.  Arthur Natteal was angry and attacked the council and stated what a wonderful thing Bebiosh was dooing.  Mayor Miller stated to Mr. Natteal that if he wished to purchase the property he could make an offer.  Mayor Miller stated there are fourteen properties being owned by the Town which are not generating money and all we have voted on at this time is for a certified appraisal.  Natteal in his obvious anger used the illustration of his purchasing the water Tower …how funny is that!!
Insofar as Bebish inc, Mayor Miller said that the building needed to be cleaned out so that we could make any repairs necessary and possibly secure an even better appraisal.  Currently the Contract provides a month to month lease and a 30 days notice to evacuate.  More Dramma, werts said she needed another 45 days to remove the property.  Councilman Mckenzie then finally said, why don’t we give you a sixty day notice to vacate.  McKenzie made the motion and Mayor Miller seconded the motion.
In discussion Mrs. Thomas W. Brazil mentioned that perhaps Ms Werts would not have to vacate while the building is shown to possible buyers, until such time as the property is purchased.  Of course, that was not acceptable and if you will notice, Mr. Brazil’s information about the North Florida Planning was ignored as well even though he obviously placed some work in his research and writings to each of the council members.
Karin Griffin for the blog

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