Since Stacy got tool big for her britches. Time to put the BITCH on extended leave,

STACY’S announcement via EMAIL. Comments by Joe in ().

The mayor has just called and asked (the Boss asks? get real) for a workshop Tuesday at 6 p.m. This is not possible for me as I have plans Tuesday right after work. (Blowing in the wind I bet.) Pam is on vacation, and I don’t know if she would be able to attend either. (Who knows if Pam is there or not?) As Chief Stith previously stated, he goes to Emergency Management for training and the chiefs’ meeting the 1st Tuesday of the month. Henry Land expects him to be there, and I do too. (Steve’s attendance at workshops is not required.) Next week is a holiday week, and several people will be out of town. (WHO, you self-serving idiot)

If the Council wants to have a workshop every month, it would be wise to pick another Tuesday. (Why don’t we just dissolve the council ? Stacy apparently has all of the answers.) The 4th Tuesday would be the best choice. This takes the County’s meeting dates into consideration, (who goes to Commission meetings?) as well as the town’s volunteer board meetings. (The boards are there to serve the citizens and the Council. This dog’s tail is wagging the whole town) This should be discussed at the regular meeting July 9th. (Oh, it will be you ungrateful freak)

Stacy Tebo

Too many excuses, too little good government.

She’s a carpet bagger. A white lady, said with humor, whom, as I said, believes she can control the town. I’ve had enough. Tuesday the 9th will be one hell of a meeting with the Attorney’s new statement about the validity of citizen’s  questioning Council members on how and why they vote and voted for particular items on the agenda. My GOD, open government has finally reached White Springs. Can Tebo’s leaving be far behind?

Oh yes, I forgot. Her appellate case against DeBary is reported to be ruled on this week. Down the tubes with Stacy. Screw the Bitch if you can keep from throwing up. All we need  is three votes, Helen, Walter and Tom, to put her on extended leave.


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