She returns to her abuser

Some of you who attended the workshop will know what I am talking about.

I personally had a relationship with a person who was so jealous of who I would meet as a salesperson that I not only had to fight for my life which was in danger but when I attempted to secure a restraining order for my place of business, my parents home as well as my own, the Judge would not see me.  I refused to let a judge do that to me and slammed through the doors of his chamber and demanded the restraining orders.  The Judge said why would I issue a restraining order when you will probably get back into a relationship with the man.  I then went ballistic and within a few minutes I had all three restraining orders. I never would consider going back and finally had him encarcerated.

What I cannot understand is why women who have been abused do not think well enough of themselves that they go back to the one who abused them.  That is something that makes no sense.  Don’t you have enough pride in yourself or enough self-esteem?.  Are you afraid to be alone and would choose to be with a man who wholloped you when he felt like it?

When I saw you at the workshop, I didn’t even recognize you.  You were doing fine before and to have changed so drastically, it shows you have a real problem.

Karin for the blog

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