Is it true what the people have said? Walter McKenzie could not sign the paperwork on the USDA Grant?

How many months has the Town been discussing the new Fire Engine?  I have pulled up what we wrote in January of 2019 and it was ongoing at that time.  So why the panic or rush by Stacy Tebo regarding Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie to sign the “application”?
There’s a rumor about town currently about this situation.  One person said she did not fill out the correct information but another person gave a better reply to the rumor.  I didn’t know myself about municipal “Resolutions” and why they were so important.  Joe advised me “Resolutions are a record of decisions or wishes of the Town Council, without which it would seem as though the entire council was not in agreement.  And although we went through our records, we did not find where the council ever made a resolution to go forth with the Grant.  Well you may have guessed it, if the rumor is true, Ms. Tebo has not required a resolution from the council because we heard that Vice Mayor McKenzie could not sign the paperwork.


You would think that after working for the Town for four years, and after reading what is required for these grants since previously we secured a brush truck from the USDA , this could have been handled previously.  And if she didn’t know, she could have followed what was done at that time.  But no, Ms. Tebo is not a planner and she certainly is not an organizer so that she gets things done in a timely manner.


Look at the CDBG grant for the Community Center at the Carver School Location?  Did she review all paperwork to assure we owned the property and that Hamilton County removed the reverter clause so we did?  No, it is not was last minute thing and fortunately the County will rectify the matter.


Then there was the Basketball camp.  This is the second year, and you would think since she had to comply before, that she would have known what to do for this year’s camp.  Instead she waited until the last minute so that she made the four council members violate the law by holding a meeting within 24 hours which was not an emergency meeting.


Then from what the FRDAP staff has told Joe regarding the grant relating to the ballfield, FRDAP was still waiting for the necessary paperwork which they had not received.


I guess I am not certain where Ms. Tebo’s mind is but obviously she does not have management or organizational skills nor does she have the ability to make phone calls, secure information on what is required and handle these matters in advance or by tickler system which there should be two: one on the computer and a paper tickler.


She uses the excluse that she is not an attorney, but certainly she can read and ask questions.  And, by the way, with respect to Ms. Hatton’s comment about  laypeople not being attorneys, Ms. Hatton should be careful.  Not all attorneys take the bar exam but one still may have a Masters in Jurisprudence. Many of these attorneys work for insurance companies and other businesses and do not go into private law practice.  We have one such lady in this town.  And as for Tebo, she should have the ability to read and if she does not understand something she has read, she should have the ability to contact someone who does Know.  That is what the rest of the population does, but perhaps Ms Tebo’s a little foggy from her alleged drug use that she stated she used in her deposition.


This is what Ms, Tebo once wrote to Joe Griffin:

“I am working very hard to do the job I was hired to do.  If you want me to succeed, then please try to let me work.  I realize that you have a long history with the Town, and there are people that you dislike.  I am not here to make friends or take sides.  I am here to work, and there is plenty of work that needs to be done.  I defer all legal questions to the attorneys retained by the Town or the Town’s insurer (FMIT).  I do not have a law degree; my degrees are in public administration and political science.  Therefore, I will follow the legal advice provided to the Town.  I will not do anything that jeopardizes the Town’s interests.  I hope that you understand what I am saying and why I follow the advice of the attorneys.  Not following their advice would be doing a disservice to the Town.”

Now that’s a story!  Either she does not know what she is doing or can’t recogize the fact or she has a very low IQ and no logic or ability to know right from wrong and how to assess what she is reading. Everything she has said she would do above has been violated.  And what happened on Friday, well she went home early.  And as to Joe Griffin, she has done nothing but fabricate lies about him.  She fits many of the officials who dislike hearing the truth and they will not follow any laws if the laws are not favorable to them and that is why White Springs is in a world of hurt

Applying to the USDA for a grant to purchase a fire Engine

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