Proton Firefighter’s views of Andrews friends

From: Protonfirefighter
Date: Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 6:40 PM
Subject: Andrew’s Friends

Did anyone notice that Donald WIlson former Lake City Fire Fighter, Owner of the White Springs Hardware store, and best friend of White Springs Fire Marshall Joseph Andrew Greene Jr. (AKA Little Joe) and father former White Springs Police Officer and White Springs Fire Chief Joseph Andrew Greene Sr. (AKA Big Joe) was back in Hamilton County from his 3 year all expenses paid vacation he was taking at Franklin Correctional Institution courtesy of the FDOC. For those of you that don’t know Little Joe and Big Joe’s close friend was convicted of a sex crime against a minor in 2016 and sentenced to 3 yrs prison and 12 yrs probation.  Donald Wilson is scheduled to be released on 10/02/2018.  No doubt Big Joe and Little Joe will be throwing a welcome home party for their friend and  shamed former Lake City fire fighter.  But I have a few unanswered questions.
1. Why was Donald Wilson’s case #24012CF000214CFAXMX reopened on 03/02/2018?
2. Why was Donald Wilson bought back to HCSO jail on 04/16/18 and then sent back to FDOC on 04/17/2018?
3. But more Importantly did Big Joe and Little Joe get to throw Donald Wilson a suprise welcome home party at the HCSO jail before he got sent back to FDOC?
And now for the rest of the story……..
I couldn’t help but notice an alarming trend with Fire Marshall Greene and the people he happens to be friends with and their untimely demise, while nothing ever seems to happen or stuck to Little Joe.
1.  Robert Townsend – former disgraced White Springs City Manager and before that former disgraced Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy. Townsend was fired in April 1990 when he was arrested in another county for sex crime against a minor. But that little mishap didn’t stop White Springs from hiring him as the water plant operator and later as City Manager and becoming Little Joes “BEST FRIEND”.
2.  Former disgraced White Springs Police Berry Raulerson and on air radio DJ in Lake City.  I beleive our Uncle Joe got the goods on Raulerson something about failing a drug test at another Police Department.  But that didn’t stop White Springs from hiring him and becoming best friends with Big Joe and Little Joe
3. and last but not least former disgraced Lake City Fire Fighter and current FDOC inmate #I15377 Donald Wilson.  While Donald Wilson was never a White Springs City employee he was a business owner and I am sure he had ever applied for a White Springs city job they no doubt would have hired him.  Because he fits the profile of the type of people they hire.
Now what does Townsend, Wilson, and Raulerson all have in common, they were and or are friends with White Springs Fire Marshall Andrew Greene.  All had a fall from grace and had to leave White Springs for one reason or another, but yet Fire Marshall Greene remains.  It’s like nothing sticks to him. It’s like there’s an curse that protects Andrew and dooms anyone that he is friends with or maybe White Springs is a corrupt town that hires corrupt people that do corrupt things and get fired while Fire Marshall Greene does whatever he has to keep from being exposed and fired.
So who is the next victim of the Andrew curse is it
1. Stacy Tebo
2. Rhett Bullard
3. Steve Stith
Please leave your vote in the comments the winner gets a free BBQ dinner cooked by Big Joe
Karin’s comments:
Although I placed this on the blog, I have my concerns about bashing Don Wilson and  I will not. He admitted to what he did, unlike Berry Raulerson, who we were told had sex with a minor also at the Hardware store, but quit and became a DJ, not admitting that he followed every car which had a female in it like a stalker.  Many women were fearful of him in White Springs.
Under Steve Stith and Andrew Greene, there were no fire fighters except Don Wilson that would go out to fight a fire  When our RV burned, he was the first one to fight the fire.  When the Sistrunk’s house caught on fire he was the first one here; knocking down walls so the fire would not spread and doing what he could before an actual fire truck with water could show up.  Stith and Greene were never here.  Don Wilson was joined by the Jasper and Genoa fire departments.
I have always found Don Wilson to be a courteous and wonderful individual, who allowed the police and yes Andrew Greene hang out at his store because of providing Wi-Fi.  In spite of what was done by Mr. Wilson, which I do not condone, he is paying for his crimes and is a good man. Andrew Greene hid the evidence from FDLE on Townsend and was a great friend of Raulerson…but I doubt other than hanging out in the store and pretending to be helpful, Andrew was ever a friend of Don Wilson.
Insofar as the others, they got away with what they did (Townsend and Raulerson).  Don Wilson did not.
It is not a curse and perhaps many of you will not believe me but insofar as who will be next, Rhett has already been next, but has not been caught and Stacy Tebo protects him.  The day Rhett does not treat Stacy correctly, one will find the dirty little secrets that Tracy Rodriquenz has hid and Stacy knows about will all come out.
I will never throw the first stone because many of you will recall what this town did to Joe and I.  Many of the officials, Tomlinson and Heath made up stories about him which were not true, which others believed.  We suffered a lot and I commend Mr. Wilson for doing what was right in the end.  It is better than some of the other sickos.
Mr. Proton firefighter, we will always include comments which you feel are important to include on our blog.  We believe in being fair and giving all a voice.  But in Mr. Wilson’s case we just have to agree to disagree because at least he admitted what he did which is more than the others have done.
Karin for the blog

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  1. Don is a good guy who did something stupid an is paying for it. Berry is a piece of crap he would take drugs of people ie cocan along with pills an never take them to jail or turn the drugs into evidence he was fired from every police force he worked at that just goes to show you who he really is. Little joe joe is a failed young man he was never pushed to do anything never had to work hard in the fields or any kind of manual labor job he wouldn’t be able to handle it because of his medical conditions he would pass out do to the heat. This town is his play ground he can do anything he wants an do no worng. He can leave when he wants still on the clock go to lake city for over an hour for lunch with his wife no one cares what he does because he the towns special little boy i mean very special. If he was to work for me he would have been fired long long ago. He is paid for a full time job that is truly only part time work he makes more then the police officers who risk there live everyday all little joe does is take water samples,makes sure the water plant is working by checking the automated system how hard can that be like come on now i bet we could train a monkey to do that but hey he is the towns golden night a night in rusty armor.

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