Progress on culverts and street repairs inquired of by Mr. Tom Brazil, Sr and more

Mr. Tom Brazil inquired of the council and Ms. Tebo about the culverts under Collins and Bridge Street.  He indicated that former Mayor and councilor Spencer Lofton had the area engineered and that the old system pipes are plugged up but he was told that they will be repaired as part of the Sewer Project.  Stacy indicated that the last Permit from the Department of Tranportation needs to be approved and then Midtauer will prepare the bids so that contractors may provide their bids and the bids will be considered by Midtauer and awarded.
Ms. Tebo mentioned also that Kendrick will be the first street to be repaved.
I mentioned how the new excavator was used by a church and it was there for two days and nothing seemed to have been done.  Then I questioned why when we have paid all that money for an excavator that it appears the ditches are being dug by hand.  Ms. Tebo stated that where the ditches were dug by hand, there was concern if the excavator would have been used that the pipes for sewer and the water lines would have been damaged.  The Backhoe can’t be used for certain situations.


While we were discussing the Street situation, Anita Rivers who caretakes the residents owned by Mitch and Una Hammer when they are not in Town, clarified that Mr. Hammer considered securing an attorney at one time regarding the water problem to his shed which has not been handled by the Town of White Springs for Two years.  She did not say that the Hammers were intending to sue White Springs but they have waited over two years for White Springs to do something.  She also mentioned that Ray Vaughn took it personally that she placed him on facebook when essentially all she showed on facebook was the orange water out of her faucet.  Ray Vaughn is not the person to handle our Water Problem and there is a viable resident who has seventeen years of experience that would be far better and would probably treat the water so that it actually could be used for drinking and cooking But Our Town Manager will only hire out of towners and ones that have no passion or idea of what they are doing.


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