Police Chief Two Gun Tracy has written ten tickets in 18 months Wowzah

Police Chief Two Gun Tracy Rodriquenz obviously has a really cush job it seems.  At least today we saw her outside of Town Hall registering a golf cart.  Yet you will get a charge out of this, our Police Chief has written out ten tickets (safe-driving awards) in the last eighteen months.

Initially we inquired whether our Police Chief after her Motorcycle Accident could actually write tickets since she did not have her last surgery.  But yet, what does it matter?  First Stacy Tebo said she moved the Police Chief in her former office because she, Tebo, thought Joe Griffin may get so angry at her he would come in with the gun he does not own.   But our police Chief has two against zero, nada.

Secondly, we never get a straight answer nor honesty from Stacy Tebo, nor Police Chief Rodriquenz for that matter.  We do not know if ten is the exact number or if the ten were related to registering golf carts lol.  In order for Joe to find out, he was told that he would have to pay the  Town of White Springs $51 dollars to find the tickets that have been written.  And prior to telling these fabrications, Joe inadvertently mis-spelled Police Chief Rodriquenz’s name and as a result, Stacy said “We have no such employee”.

Remember if you need to request a public record, be specific, don’t misspell anything and it may be responded to.

——— Forwarded message ———-
From: Pam @ Whitesprings Town Hall <cityhall@windstream.net>
Date: Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 3:34 PM
Subject: FW: Re: I want a copy of every “ticket” Stacy Rodequinz ….
To: Joe Griffin <godforjoe@gmail.com>

We have received your public records request. To locate, assemble and produce will require a $51.00 deposit to be paid in advance before we begin processing your request. If this estimate is to low, you will be billed the difference. Breakout is as follows:

3 hrs. @ $16.48/hr.      $49.44

10 copies @ $.15/ea.       1.50

              TOTAL               $50.94

Pam Tomlinson

Finance Director/Town Clerk

Town of White Springs

PO Drawer D

White Springs, FL  32096



——— Original Message ———

Subject: Re: I want a copy of every “ticket” Stacy Rodequinz ….
From: “Joe Griffin” <godforjoe@gmail.com>
Date: 6/21/18 9:34 am
To: “Stacy Tebo” <manager@whitespringsfl.us>

I want every ticket that the Chief of Police has written in the last 18 months. Now please you fool.



On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 9:22 AM, Stacy Tebo <manager@whitespringsfl.us> wrote:

We have no such employee.


——— Original Message ———

Subject: I want a copy of every “ticket” Stacy Rodequinz ….
From: “Joe Griffin” <godforjoe@gmail.com>
Date: 6/20/18 8:28 pm
To: “Pam Tomlinson” <cityhall@windstream.net>, slofton@whitespringsfl.us, “Stacy Tebo” <manager@whitespringsfl.us>, “Stacy Tebo” <stacy.c.tebo@gmail.com>

Has made out in the last 18 months.


Joe Griffin

Citizen Activist



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