Over Calibrated Water Meters? Have they been fixed?

Subject: Re: Would be very excited to see/hear your information.

White springs water meters are over calibrated. We have checked several flow meters for accuracy are in the process of checking more residents meters. We have found flow meters in the Pine Manor mobile home park to be reading 1.75 gallons for every 1 gallon of water pumped. White Springs officials are giving a song and dance about major water leaks in the park when complaining about the high usage. I inspected these residents systems for leaks to find none as when the water is off, there is absolutely no meter flow. I called and spoke with Anita at city hall only to be hung up on when demanding calibration of the flow meters. She stated that if I wasn’t a resident of Pine Manor that I had no reason calling her. She then proceeded to hang up on me. Several other residents have been informed by physically inspecting the uncalibrated meters for themselves stating that they would be making reports as well. One resident, a single female received her first water and sewer bill and is being charged for 17000 gallons of water and sewage. I am willing to help end this political racket in any way I can. Reports from the people of White Springs are that they are having to working a second job just to pay their sewer bill. I see a class action lawsuit in White Springs future. Are you onboard? Thanks,

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