Our Thanks and Graditude to Project Hope, its volunteers and its sponsors

Dr. Helen Miller, Mayor of White Springs, has been an advocate for Children’s Education and for years, she has secured the necessary funds through sources locally as well as from a long time friend and donor to provide programs for the Greater White Springs Children.   In fact for the majority of us in White Springs, we had no idea that She was securing money to provide these programs for which the Town of White Springs was accredited and for which not even the Town officials and others seemed grateful.


Instead of Thanking Dr. Miller for her years of service in providing educational and inspirational  experiences for children, Two former mayors Bullard and Lofton and Vice Mayor Brown criticized her efforts, even though none wished to undertake any programs for your children.  To these officials and our town manager, these program seemed bothersome to them and in some respect, jealousy was involved, because instead of thanking Miller, Bullard, Jefferson, and Brown made certain she was removed from office for programs she was working on and including criticism for providing the “Beautiful Dreamer” banquet, so Lofton could carry on the gang’s wishes.


And what did they do, once Miller was again elected into office? They took sides with BeFaithful Coker who did not understand (or maybe she did) even though Miller had it in writing, that it was a Grant.  Under a Grant one is not certain what they will receive but Coker became very nasty about the situation and called Miller’s Donor continually because she contended she was paid late and that she was promised an additional $3,000. which could never be promised since it was a “Grant”. And the money received by Ms. Coker went to pay for her building rent and utilities with very little for the children themselves and she would not even say how many children from White Springs were allowed to attend.


Therefore, when BeFaithful threatened Helen Miller and Walter McKenzie, with suits and ethic complaints which were found legally insufficient, Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton (a good friend of Ms. Coker) elected to give BeFaithful Coker $3000 of your money.  Not only that but Ms. Coker continually badgered and threatened Miller’s Donor for an additional $3000 and as a result, it not only hurt a friendship but any future Grants for the Children of White Springs were revoked. Obviously Bullard, Lofton and Brown did not care about offering your children any program and it is evident by their attacks on Miller which continue today.


In fact someone stopped by our house, who does not read the blog, and mentioned that the council hasn’t changed much.  It appears to be Miller attempting to undo the damage of the last four years (reading articles in the Jasper News) and the other councilors do not understand that we have problems in White Springs.  What was more worrysome was what was mentioned on the streets relating to Project Hope.  Obviously Lofton and Brown attempted to entice parents not to attend the summer camp because “it wasn’t much of anything”.  Boy are they hatefullt wrong!  Obviously they don’t care about you or your children, only your votes.


We the Town owe Miller a debt of graditude.  Miller started a Project HOPE, Incorporated 501 3 (c). She worked out the details with Park Manager Manny Perez and Ranger Kim Rivers to impliment a partnership with the Stephen Foster State Park and the Project Hope, Incorporated STEM Summer Camp.  Additionaly she secured additional partners including the Hamilton County School District Food Services Department which delivers free beakfasts and lunches for all participants, the UF/IFAS, area businesses and local donors.
Here is a success story in the making.  Against all odds and without funding initially but a deep desire to provide the Children of White Springs with a summer program even though some officials made it difficult and tried to stop her, every step of the way, she started a Charity to facilitate a summer camp for your children.    It is because of Dr. Helen Miller’s love for the Children of White Springs and her dedication to provide education and inspiration to open young minds to new opportunities and experiences, that the STEM Camp came to fruition.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Miller does not give up, and her dedication to do what is right as Mayor of White Springs is another example of her dedication to this town.  It is still difficult with Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown being elected Officials.  They continually veto every good decision she supports and even manage to get Walter McKenzie to keep spending money for our portion of grants, when Miller has stated, the Town is broke.  They do not care that we do not have a fire department.  They do not care that our roads and streets have not been fixed and that much of the money was used to protect our Town Manager Stacy Tebo by paying her legal fees, and giving special benefits not given all employees like Andrew Greene and Steve Stith for not doing their jobs. And even though Stacy Tebo has breached her contract in so many ways, these councilors will do nothing to remedy the situation and have Ms. Tebo do her job.


As we have mentioned before, if you would like to donate to Project HOPE, please contact the Project HOPE volunteers.  They will be grateful for any donations which will further your child’s educational experiences.  The STEM summer camp is made available entirely through Project HOPE, Inc. fundraising.The volunteers are:
  • Helen Miller
  • Tom Moore
  • Anita Rivers
  • Nikki Williams  and
  • Margaret Henry,  or
Send your tax-deductible contribution to
Project HOPE, Inc.
P. O. Box 487
White Springs, FL  32096



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