One Reply to “This is the example of Rhett’s minions now bullying others!”

One Reply to “This is the example of Rhett’s minions now bullying others!”

  1. From what i’ve been told by a few of the former fire fighters was that phone calls were made to their work by someone claiming to be from White Springs city hall and making false claims against them to their employer. That is some lowlife crap; what a loser whoever you are. Trying to mess with these people’s livelihood just for your entertainment you sir or ma’am are a piece of crap and I hope one day Karma bite you in the ass.

    Karin’s comment:

    That is exactly what these people do.  This happened to Joe once where he actually was fired because of his fight for rights.  No, these people have no scruples and much of this I am beginning to believe starts with the Bullards, with help from the Greene boys.   These people do not believe in truth but are conniving deceitful souls who feel they should be on everyone’s pedestal. And Rhett feels he is some kind of God.  He will go after anyone and believes nothing will every happen to him because of who he knows.  But nothing to good or too bad lasts for too long and his time has to be coming.

    When someone doesn’t know who is after them it becomes a very difficult situation; yet, one must believe these people who hurt people anonymously are cowards and cannot speak their minds with people knowing who they are.  As for those on the blog who do not use your names, I certainly understand because these Town Cowards will do what they can to hurt your.

One Reply to “One Reply to “This is the example of Rhett’s minions now bullying others!””

  1. Its funny that Hamilton county dispatch had to page white springs fire department 3 times an still no one answered the call they had to call for Genoa fire department to come help. There was a power line done sparking an burning close to a pick up truck as seen in the photo. After 30 went by guess who showed up in his little red SUV little baby joe joe with no gear on just his normal city t-shirt not even a fire department shirt O an guess who else showed up 40 mins after the first page the new an so great fire chief Stevie boy in his personal truck what a joke these guys are. Yet again i ask you where are the 8 other members of this so called department the ones who live with in 10 miles of the city nope none of them showed up. These guys are the biggest joke i have ever seen in my life what a bunch of fake Wanna B’s. These are the people who we as town citizens have to relay on when we call 911. This should be there new slogan “White Springs Fire Department you can not count on use for real help call another Fire Department”.

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