One Reply to “Stith’s termination and rehiring has alway been related to money”

  1. Its also quite funny to hear that Andrew an his troll wife showed up to a call in town after hours never called dispatch on the radio or phone to say they where enroute to the call which means he drove Light and siren from his home in lake city probably over the speed limit. With out letting anyone know he was enroute to the call so if he would have been involved in a wreck it would have been his fault but hey at least they showed up; but this is where it takes a funny turn. Apparently the patients family members told Andrew and his troll wife to get there Fact Ass Fire department selves out of here. Which means they where told to leave the call by the family that is freaking hilarious. I find it funny that even the town citizens are starting to see Andrew and Steve are a bunch of fakes an that they don’t even want them there. I hope more town citizens will tell Andrew’s untrained unqualified fake wanna be ass to get lost.

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