Okay Finally a bit of National News

BREAKING – Fake Marriage – Ilhan Omar Busted By Authorities…

Multiple counts of fraud.

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Breaking News…

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Comedian Jon Stewart slams lawmakers for skipping 9/11 fund hearing

Ocasio-Cortez defends pay raises, Dems oppose the iniative

Trump: Nearly one thousand farm groups have endorsed the USMCA trade deal

90 percent of asylum-seekers do not show up for hearings

Urgent] Should States be Allowed to Violate the 2nd Amendment?  (

Ben Carson News

The administration is fighting back after a federal watchdog agency recommended that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway be ousted for violating a law that limits certain political activities of federal workers.

In a letter to special counsel Henry Kerner, White House counsel Pat Cipollone slammed any suggestion by the Office of the Special Counsel to fire Conway, Roll Call reported.

“Worst of all,” he said, “OSC’s ‘call’ upon the president ‘to remove Ms. Conway from her federal position immediately’ is as outrageous as it is unprecedented.”

The OSC said Conway has become a “repeat offender” of the Hatch Act by disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while in her official capacity during television interviews. Read More Here


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JUST IN: Bill O’Reilly Crosses The Aisle – Fans Stunned

He did it.

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Devastating Fox News Announcement… It’s Bad

Barr Gave The Order – He’s Rounding Up THOUSANDS

Criminal Notice: Brennan, Clapper & Comey Devastated

Bill O’Reilly Crosses The Aisle – Fans Stunned

Joe Biden OUT – It Happened Without Warning

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[BREAKING]: Tucker Carlson Retirement Announcement – WHOA


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Judge Tells Trump ‘YES’ – Democrats Throw Hissy Fit

2020 Dropout Notice… Big News For Trump

Trump Wins: Biggest Record Yet… [Developing]

Pelosi Ends It – It’s Over, She’s Quitting

Donald Trump Issues FINAL Warning – He’s Furious

Bill Barr WINS – Democrats Humiliated

Hospitalized – Donald Trump Rumors True

The Latest Headlines…

Watch as Hillary’s Evil Plan is Revealed

It’s Been Called the Penicillin of Cancer and It’s 2100% Better for You

Rep. Gaetz Unloads on the Dems’ Mueller Show Trial

DOJ Targets “NGOs and Individuals” in FISA Abuse Probe – Durham “Asking All the Right Questions”

African Illegal Alien Fleeing Ebola Details 11-Country Journey to US

Fake News CNN: “Bully” Trump Is Threatening American Safety

BREAKING: Barr FLIPS, Arrests Thousands – Enemies Shocked…


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Breaking News…

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Is Trump’s tariff threat on Mexico hurting US credibility?

Mexico offers to deploy 6,000 troops to Guatemala border: report

Google Cloud Outage Knocked Huge Portions of the Internet Offline

Illegal immigrants to receive health care benefits in California

Firearms Owners will LOVE this Pro-Gun Pocket Watch (Save $20 on it Today!

BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Reveals Big Secret – ‘Lost Control’

This is crazy.

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Justice Breyer Quitting Decision – It’s Over

Ilhan Omar Reversal – She’s Finished…

Ocasio-Cortez Targeted By FBI… [Report]

Confirmed: Obama’s Crime Uncovered – Shock Details Leaked

Supreme Court Makes Big Decision – Media Buzzing

Shock: Biden Out – Democrats Stunned

Man Grabs At Melania – She Quickly Decides To…

BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Citizenship BOMBSHELL – I Knew It…

This changes everything.

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BREAKING: Bill Barr WINS – Democrats Humiliated

He did it.

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Breaking news from Wired Conservative

The Latest Headlines…
What Would You Do with A Day without Pain?

Mad Maxine Tries to Give Trump a New Nickname – It Backfires Bigly

Guess Which Party is on the Defensive Over Abortion

Millennial Dads Have Terrible DIY Skills; Half Don’t Own a Stepladder or Cordless Drill

“Much as I Admire Morrissey’s Refusal to Conform, I Don’t Much Like His Music”

Could This Common Veggie Be Poisoning You?


BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Marriage Announcement [REPORT]

Shocking news.

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Juan Williams Career Decision… He’s Done

Mueller Victim Emerges – Shock Allegations Rock D.C.

Trump Shocks Media… Democrats Furious

D.C. Rocked By Killing – She Was Shot…

Trump Stops Interview… Does Something HILARIOUS

BREAKING: Obama’s ‘Best Friend’ Comes Out – Advisers Scramble To Hush It Up

Now we know.

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BREAKING: Clinton Insider Found Dead – Democrats Panic


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BREAKING: Trump PROSECUTION Announcement – DOJ Directed To…

It’s official.

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