New Polls Paint a Telling Picture about President Trump

New Polls Paint a Telling Picture about President Trump


If you are a conservative American, you probably have mixed feelings about poll numbers.

After all, professional pollsters told you Hillary Clinton would most certainly be President of the United States right now. To say the number-crunchers got it wrong would be something of an understatement.

Hillary’s promoting her excuse book about “What Happened” and Pres. Donald J. Trump has turned the economy around, created opportunity for disadvantaged Americans and is poised to elevate his second judge to the United States Supreme Court.

Fortunately, What the poll numbers say these days seems a lot closer to reality.

72 Percent of Americans Say . . .

In the run-up to the 2016 election, Trump took the gloves off and called the mainstream media liars, fake news and biased. He has carried that message on Twitter, in speeches and said it to their face. Apparently, Americans widely agree with the president.

According to a recent Axios / Survey Monkey poll, a whopping 72 percent of Americans believe that the mainstream media knowingly and willfully engage in false and misleading reporting. Think about that poll number in these terms. If the mainstream media’s reporting were a final exam grade, they’d get a 28 or an “F” and flunk the course.

The poll’s numbers — naturally — have implication across party lines. But even those are not favorable to liberal Democrats that rely on the fake news media’s propaganda support.

Among Republicans, an overwhelming 92 percent agree that the media engages in false and misleading reporting. Independent voters denounced the media at a rate of 79 percent. Keep in mind, socialists like Bernie Sanders are lumped into this group. Lastly, even a majority of Democrats view the media as deliberately misleading the American people at 52 percent.

Telling Fact: Pres. Trump defeated the “fake news” media.

68 Percent of Americans Say . . .

A recent CBS News poll has the far left in a cold sweat heading into the midterm elections. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rolled out a slogan that America deserves a “better deal.” It fell on deaf ears.

After eight years of getting their pockets picked and losing jobs to China under Obama, everyday Americans see the Trump Administration’s current deal as pretty good. The CBS poll highlighted that 35 percent of Americans say that Pres. Trump’s handling of the economy has a “great deal” to do with the astonishing uptick. An additional 33 percent concluded that his policies are “somewhat” responsible.

All told, 68 percent of Americans view the president’s economic policy favorably and 42 percent of those polled expect the economy to continue its positive trend for at least the next few years. Optimism is not what Democrats running on repealing tax cuts want to see in polls heading into November.

Telling Fact: Pres. Trump is winning on the economy.

87 Percent of Republicans Say . . .

The “resist” and “obstruct” left had hoped that a Trump endorsement would be the kiss of death for GOP candidates. In fact, a wave of early special elections were widely being promoted as a “referendum on Trump” by the fake news and biased media.

Republicans went on a winning streak and after each victory, the fake news media reported the elections as if they were some bizarre victory for Democrats. (See 72 Percent of Americans Say).

Not until Pennsylvania’s now-U.S. Rep. Connor Lamb ran an anti-Pelosi campaign did a Democrat unseat a Republican with full Trump backing. Since then, Trump-supported candidates have outpaced opponents at the polls and — more importantly — at the voting booths.

Much to the chagrin of the left-leaning pollsters that got the 2016 election wrong, Pres. Trump enjoys the second-highest party approval rating at the 500-day mark of any president since World War II. Standing at 87 percent, consider the presidents he has outpaced according to Gallup research:

  • Pres. George H.W. Bush – 85 percent
  • Pres. John F. Kennedy – 85 percent
  • Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower – 83 percent
  • Pres. Richard Nixon – 83 percent
  • Pres. Barack Obama – 79 percent
  • Pres. Ronald Reagan – 77 percent
  • Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson – 77 percent
  • Pres. Bill Clinton – 74 percent
  • Pres. Gerald Ford – 59 percent
  • Pres. Jimmy Carter – 54 percent
  • Pres. Harry Truman – 46 percent

Only Pres. George W. Bush enjoyed a higher party approval rating than Pres. Trump at 96 percent. Much of that all-time high favorability rating has to do with his response to the 9-11 Attacks.

Telling Fact: Pres. Donald J. Trump is expected to be the Republican presidential incumbent candidate in 2020.

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