New CPA should have knowledge to ensure full compliance with statutory requirements

For those of you who may be interested, the Town of White Springs needs a CPA review committee to go over all Proposals provided by CPA firms and to make recommendations to the Town Council of the Town of White Springs.  If you are interested, please request a committee/volunteer application from Town Hall.


The one thing which I feel is ultimately necessary for our new CPA/Accounting Firm is knowledge regarding Statutes and Laws.  You have read on our blog how our current CPA has not adhered to the Statutes relating to Local Option Fuel Taxes and thus made written statements to our Finance Director Tomlinson stipulating not only 25% of any and all LOFT funds could be used for salaries as well as stipulating the Town could use LOFT funds for virtually anything by stating the administration could “Lean on” the LOFT funds.


Although our current Attorney Hatton per her report at the June 11th meeting has stated she is working on the “Attorney General” letter requiring opinions regarding LOFT, such is only in the working.


Nevertheless, you will recall, we the Griffins and the Florida Department of Transportation searched for an agency within the Florida Government including referals to the State Department, Revenue Department, Joint Legislative Audit Committee, the Attorney General and various other agencies.  The reason these agencies did not respond are twofold.  1) The Government agencies cannot and will not go after their local municipalities but instead would require legal suits against the municipality by the Public and 2) The Attorney for the Department of Revenue although he stated the money should be paid back for the right usage under the statute, also stated that the reason the State Agencies have not had any Municipalities who have violated the code is because the CPA firms and Auditors have the responsibity of assuring Statutes such as the Local Option Fuel Tax are adhered to.  He had never heard of a CPA firm who has violated the statute and indicated that is also why the State Agencies feel it is the duty of the Municipality to hire a competent CPA/Accounting firm to follow these statutes and require the Municipality to keep such restrictive funds separate of the General Fund.


As you are aware from our blog posts, our current CPA has not followed the statue regarding LOFT and made excuses relating to the word “Operations” which do not exist per our conversations.  It then must be the responsibility of the committee and the person completing the RFP to stipulate that the CPA must have knowledge and the ability to ensure statutory compliance.

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Fiscal auditing and monitoring, budgeting, and management of public funds are at the top of every government accountant job description. Government financial systems can be described as a cyclical inflow and outflow of revenue collection, budgeting, and public spending. At the center of these activities is the accountant who has to be armed with the knowledge of government statutes, as well as tax and business codes for both public and private sector operations.


Accountants in government also contribute to the development of tax and other financial policies. At the state level, they may be involved in evaluating the viability of using public funds for certain community infrastructure projects.

Government accountants work with public sector groups and regulatory agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S, Government Accountability Office. As part of these regulatory bodies, they may be assigned to investigate or audit the books of different government agencies to ensure statutory compliance. Since the IRS also oversees the fiscal standards of private businesses, accountants may be assigned to investigate and review documents and statements for potential incidents of financial fraud or white-collar crime.

With the introduction of new accounting programs and computing apps, the government accountant job description has expanded to keep up with the times. Aside from the core skills, accountants are also expected to be more tech-savvy to catch up with the times.

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