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Supreme Court Hits The Brakes… It’s Over

Trump Shatters Old Record – Pelosi Freaking Out

Military Alert – The Islamic Republic of Iran Has Been…

Supreme Court ENDS IT – After 23 Years…

Hannity Confirms Devastating Career News…


BREAKING: Trump’s Ex-Wife Goes Public… Confirms Allegations

This confirms everything.

Read the details…

BREAKING: Trump Accuser CONFESSES On Live TV – Viewers Stunned

I knew it.

Read the details…

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Tragic Sean Hannity Announcement – We Suspected This

Middle East PEACE Deal – Trump Shocks World

Furious John Bolton BLOWS UP After Strike Cancelled

Wow: Sean Hannity Secret Text Messages Revealed

Caught By ICE – Ilhan Omar Devastated…



Don Jr. Confirms 2020 Rumors… Media Shocked

Shock: Fox News Stars Team Up To Destroy Trump

Major Explosion – Ocasio-Cortez Is Reportedly…

Fox News Bombshell – Fans NEVER Saw It Coming

Tucker Carlson Loses It On Camera – Viewers Stunned

Trump Accusation Bombshell – Camera Shows All

Iran Targets U.S. Plane… Passengers On Board


Meat and Poultry Products Recalled

RECALL: Cookie and Brownie Mix, May Be Contaminated with Pathogenic E. coli

RECALL: Perishable Products Sold at Target Stores

Arsenic Found in Bottled Water 

Avocados Recalled Due to Potential Listeria Monocytogenes 

RECALL: Infant Warmers 

Allergy Alert: Shrimp Sushi Rolls

Spinach Recalled Possible Health Risk

RECALL: Pizza Products, Produced without Benefit of Inspection 

Breakfast Wrap Products Recalled Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination 


E. coli Found in Flour

More Berries Recalled, Possibly Contaminated with Hepatitis A

RECALL: Poultry Products Produced without Benefit of Inspection 

Nationwide Recall of Losartan Potassium

  Health, Wellness & Prevention

Ways to Help Manage the Side Effects of Narcotic Painkillers 

Mental Illness Affects a Fifth of People Living in War Zones

More Berries Recalled, Possibly Contaminated with Hepatitis A

USDA Investigates Unapproved GMO Wheat Found in Washington State



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Sean Hannity Career Decision – D.C. In Shock…

The Senate Just Voted – Trump Loves It.. Wow

Biden’s Dark Secret Leaks… This Will End Him

Hillary Clinton Falls – Tragic Details Released…

Fox News Cancellation Notice… Fans Are Furious

[BREAKING]: Multiple GOP Senators MISSING… Police Rushed In

They’re GONE.

Read the details…

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Paul Manfort’s fawning text messages with Sean Hannity were made public by the federal judge who sentenced President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman to prison, revealing often bitter exchanges about Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton and the “deep state.”

The messages underscore the close contacts that Hannity, a popular Fox News personality, has had with central players around President Donald Trump. Hannity reportedly has regular conversations with Trump, and was also a client of the president’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Special: Rush Limbaugh: ‘Objective Journalism Is Dead’

Hannity, it turns out, also corresponded regularly with Manafort as he awaited trial on charges for which he was ultimately sentenced to 7 1/2 years in federal prison.

“Great show tonight,” Manafort wrote to Hannity in one exchange. “You are so important to saving our country.”

“Hillary belongs in jail,” Hannity replied. “Witch hunt.”

In another exchange, Manafort called Hannity’s show “powerful,” adding that it helps “keep my hope and sanity.”

The text messages — spanning much of 2017 and 2018, while Manafort was under indictment — were part of a sealed government exhibit provided to the court prior to Manafort’s sentencing to prove he’d engaged in witness tampering. The judge ordered the exhibit unsealed Friday.

“Time to say F u and go to war,” Hannity said after a unwelcome development.

“Yes,” Manafort replied.

“That’s what will happen now,” Hannity said. “Then they will get Jared. And try to make Potus explode. Maximum damage to country. Deep state wins”

Manafort also asked Hannity to help promote his GoFundMe for his legal defense, a request that Hannity said could be problematic for Fox.

The men also slammed former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, agreeing he was “worthless.”

Both expressed sympathy for Cohen, who was also investigated and imprisoned after being swept up in Mueller’s probe.

“Michael is a total mess,” Hannity said.

“This is tough stuff they are doing to us,” Manafort replied. “I know exactly what he is going through.”

Fox News didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

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BREAKING: Clinton Insider FLIPS – Confesses Under Oath…

Hillary is BUSTED.

Read the details…

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JUST IN: Ilhan Omar CITIZENSHIP Discovery – True Identity Exposed

I knew it.

Read the details…


Mueller REVERSAL Notice – Dems’ World Is Crumbling…

Photo Evidence Released – Trump Responds…

They Found His Body… Details Pouring In

Shock Suicide News – Nation Stunned

Fox News Star Ordered To QUIT… Fans Devastated

BREAKING: WAR – First Shots Fired [ALERT]

This means WAR.

Read the details…


Shock: James Comey Prosecution Bombshell

Heartbreaking Hope Hicks Announcement… It’s Bad

Big Sarah Sanders Notice – I Didn’t Expect This…

Shock: Ocasio-Cortez Hit With Life-Ruining Announcement

Attorney General CHARGES Announced – Oh My Gosh

She’s Been Charged – Murder Rumors Were True

Tragic Willie Nelson Notice – Fans Devastated



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