Names on a Roster just doesn’t cut it, Chief Stith

We have the list of White Springs Volunteer Fire Fighters dated 5/19/2019.  Again it appears we not only have names on a roster but Chief Stith provided also certificates for these individuals to the Council.  However, from what we can see, these are just names on the roster and it doesn’t cut it.  There has to be four (4) firefighters at any fire in White Springs and two (2) for outside calls in Hamilton County for a fire.  Only the White Springs Police Department responds to the non-emergency and sometimes emergency calls because WE DO NOT HAVE FIREFIGHTERS.

701  Steve Stith   Chief – FFW/Medic   White Springs

702  Andrew Greene  Assistant Chief/ FF1  Lake City Florida Blacksout in Smoke from Fires

703  James Tannachion Lieutenant-FF2/ Medic  Lives 18 miles from White Springs

704  Dominique Green FF1/ Safety Lake City Florida -could not fight a fire/couldn’t pass her test but had someone other than Pittman or Land sign off

705  David Prueter FF2/Medic Used to live in White Springs on 11721 SE Hwy 41 and may be back but his address shows as Pearl City, in Hawaii so obviously is in the Navy

707  Jonathan Dowdy  FF1 / Medic has two addresses 19783 NW 230th Streeet High Springs FL and 269 SW Plum Court, Fort White Florida which is 14 miles from Lake City so it would probably take 50 some minutes.

708  Chad Cowart  FF2/ Medic may live in Lake City to work but his only address is Lakeland FL

709  Barron Warner  FF1/EMT  Lives in Lawtey FL

710  Riley W. McCleister FF1/ EMT has two current addresses 3701 Danforth Drive, Apt 1517 Jacksonville, FL and also 3758 NW Archer St, Apt 102 Lake City FL

712 Elizabeth Harris  Support/Medic If her middle name is Clair she lived in White Springs and now lives in Lake City.  If her middle name is Jane she lives on Jewett Street in White Springs and moved here from Asheboro NC but do ot believe this latter person is the one

713  Justin Cathcart  Support / EMT lives on 73rd  Pass, Live Oak Fl



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5 Replies to “Names on a Roster just doesn’t cut it, Chief Stith

  1. 708 lives in an works in Nassau county. So still the biggest question not answered by Steve is how many an how long will it take to get here for a fire or any other major emergency? He keeps saying the county said they have 25 minutes to respond to calls which to any normal person is way to long. Compare this to when Chief Pittman was running the department the average response time was less then 5 minutes longest was 10 do to equipment problems 97% of the time there was a total of 4 to 5 personnel who where responding. The only reason we have people at the station now is because they are being paid to be there 100 dollars a day stop baying them an see how many show up to pull a shift i bet none will. Under Pittman the station was manned almost daily with one or more personnel FOR FREE doing it because they loved doing it an they cared about this town and its citizens the doors where always open not locked up like a bank vault like it is every day now under stith just goes to show you the difference between a true Fire Chief/leader an a fake wanna be couldn’t take it before quite twice before left the town hanging with nothing Fire chief.

  2. 25 minutes as response time is unacceptable. Paid departments that are manned 24 /7 have a out the door response of 5 minutes. Most volunteer stations have a 10 minutes response time. When minutes are life and the difference between the too is death. It’s not reasonable to accept the 25 minutes. Also if the department is being paid to work a shift , then it is malingering a volunteer department , but a paid combination department. That’s a different rating for standards and for ISO. If these numbers continue , the be prepared for insurance premiums to rise. Sometimes you can cut your nose off to spite your face. In this case more like cutting g your throat.

  3. The NFRS reports that are filled out and filed after each call answered. Become public record upon filling , so you can do a 119 if your interested in who actually responded.

  4. It is against Florida statutes to post addresses of emergency response persons due to the nature of their jobs to which would include law enforcement, firefighters and emts. You are in violation of Florida statutes. Just so you’re aware of your own ignorance.

  5. Yet again another unanswered call from the Stith show. Today at around 120 pm there was a medical emergency im town the shity shit show of a fire department we have in town was paged an no one responded. Yet again the Stith shit show let the town down again whats it going to take to get rid of the shit show Stith. Step town council what if its your family member that needs help an no one from your local fire department shows up i bet then your sorry asses would stand up for the citizens an remove the shit show from the chiefs position. Wake up folks this shit is real it really is life or death.

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