My wishes on the the 2018-2019 Budget and changes in employment

  • Get Rid of the current fire department with Chief Stith and Andrew Greene and his spouse.
  • Make Thomas Brazil or one of the other firefighters Chief and Assistant Chief if the Town does not allow Kevin Pittman back. Who is in charge is not as important as the brotherhood as a whole.
  • In the Town of White Springs there are approximately 200 vacant unimproved lots. Current taxes are $10.00 or less for the absent landowners’.  It is suggested that the town charge a flat $125.00 per lot, including vacant lots.  Based upon 477 total lots in White Springs, $59,625.00 in additional revenue could be produce to fund the Fire Department in the General Fund. This charge may force absent landowners’ to sell their properties to someone who will improve the land and lots, thereby creating additional jobs. 
  • The firefighters that go on a fire call shall be paid $25.00 per fire.
  • The Fire Chief will be paid $30,000 plus benefits-Full Time
  • The Assistant Fire Chief will be paid $15,000 Part-time
  • Or if that is unacceptable the Fire Chief and Assistant will each work part-time each at $15,000 annually and at the fire department at alternate times.
  • Only the Council may hire and fire police officers and firefighters. This needs to be changed in the charter. The supervisor will bring the information to the council; not the Town Manager.  The only thing the Town Manager will be responsible for is making purchases and payments as directed by the council.
  • The $17,000 given by Hamilton County to the Fire Department for services should remain in the Fire Department budget as well as money received for answering calls for other Fire Departments.
  • The Fire Department should repair the new pre-used fire engine and keep both in working order to assure at least one is working all the time and two for a large fire.
  • The volunteer firefighters should be paid for necessary coursework, including instructor certifications.
  • Police Officers who respond to fires and who assist in medical emergencies should also receive $25 per call.
  • Police Officers should also receive additional money for security duty at events whether private or public.
  • The Code Enforcement Officer should be secured either from the police or fire department and would be considered a part-time position which additional pay will be provided annually.
  • The Council shall not be involved in advising the Code Enforcement Officer as to how to do his or her job. The Code Enforcement Officer will work in accordance with the laws and bring forth information to the Council, whereby the Council may instruct our Town Manager as to what paperwork needs to be provided in accordance with the State Statutes and the terms of following-up with paperwork, fees and fines.
  • The council shall review all land development ordinances and other ordinances and make up a new ordinance which includes the description of what will be done (the procedures) what the violations are; what the cost will be to the land owner in the form of fines for non-adherence.
  • We need to secure a temp or an individual from a CPA firm to handle our financial information and provide reports by contract. In other words the Finance Director will be a contract employee including someone who may be going to vocational school, who wishes a part time position.
  • We retire Pam Tomlinson since she already has Medicare Parts A and B and the only difference is she will now be able to pay for her own supplement instead of the Town and her social security benefits surely will assist her for that and additional living expenditures.
  • If Steve Stith wishes a place in the Fire Department for his Century Ambulances, it is necessary he pay the Fire Department rent.  If Stit wishes Hamilton County, he needs to work that out with the County.  Some of our firefighters were EMT’s and went out on medical calls.  Kevin Pittman at one time was attempting to secure an ambulance and that is still a possibility, but not Steve Stith’s Century Ambulance Service without paying rent
  • .
  • The Fuel Tax Money we receive from Hamilton County through the State of Florida needs to be used for road work and possibly some sidewalks because such all involves transportation. We do not need falls because of streets which have huge holes, inadequate lighting, and sidewalks which are heaved up by tree roots.  What I cannot understand is why our own Maintenance people cannot rectify some of the roadwork and sidewalks.  Individual homeowners can so why can’t they?  An amount needs to be placed in the budget for the entire repairs required as assessed or in actuality, the entire estimated amount ($225,490) except for 25% General Funds Office legal deduction should be placed in the budget.
  • There should also be placed an amber light by the crossing over Highway 41 to the Willie Guy Turner park and Dollar General Store for a pedestrian crossing with notifications that vehicles must stop for pedestrians or place a new traffic light where pedestrians may be able to stop traffic or allow it to go by at each corner. In any event the speed signs coming into town need to be slowed down because one cannot see around the curve if someone is crossing. This needs to be in the Transportation/Fuel Tax budget.
  • Andrew Greene’s water and wastewater work probably would take a experienced operator two hours at max. If Mr. Greene is allowed ½ day to handle these operations, he should be assisting the Public Works Director Ray Vaughn with filling pot holes, cleaning drain pipes, Cementing side-walks, etc. EZ Street cold patch asphalt is the easiest pothole repairproduct available. EZ Street cold asphalt is a permanent solution for repairing potholes, driveway cracks and road repair. Cold patch cold asphalt is used to permanently repair potholes with an asphalt patch. This way we wouldn’t have to use duct tape which is not a permanent fix in any way.  The drain pipe between Town Hall and Tom Brazil’s home needs to be cleaned and that would be great if Andrew could do more instead of sleeping or spending time at his Dad’s or Stith’s home during the day..
  • A report of all potholes in White Springs and a determination of the cost of supplies and an estimate for the total job should be provided by Ray Vaughn, Public Works director as well as sidewalk repairs and cement, to the Town Manager for the budget.
  • The General Fund may no longer take from the Enterprise (Sewer and Water) Fund just to have more money in the General Fund to spend on Attorneys, etc. Instead, since the council wishes to replace all sewer pipes, we will need, if a loan is given to us $20,000 a year, which will come out of the Enterprise Account since it deals with the Enterprise Account. The General Fund may only take 25% of the funds from the Enterprise account for billings, admin payroll, taking payments, computers, receipts etc.
  • We need to hire a real Municipal Town Clerk as is required in the Charter to handle the various duties a Town Clerk Handles.
  • In the mean time, our Town Manager needs to make job descriptions, for approval of the Council which shall be placed in our Charter as well since those in the charter are very old (i.e. Anita’s job description never included handling financial matters or handling the computer for sewer and water billings; yet she was blamed for not doing her job).  This is the Manager’s duty. And from these job descriptions, salaries need to be relooked at and submitted to the Council for approval. This should be part of council policy to make such determinations.

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