My how Stacy Tebo can lie!

Stacy Tebo is an amazing story teller and it would be funny if it did not pertain to people she elects to defame.

Apparently Ms. Tebo read our defense prior to the court hearing.  She said that since Karin Griffin writes 60% of the blog posts per her own words that the injunction should be extended to Karin  as well as Joe.   Judge Scaff said he could not do that.   She said Joe received her e-mail address from her application; yet that was not true because it was crossed off by the Town because they didn’t wish Joe to contact perspective managers; yet her phone number was included..   Stacy wished additional information from Joe Griffin about the Town initially and spoke to Joe Griffin over the phone.

She said that she made a mistake in placing the Bridge Street Location of Town Hall as an address Joe Griffin could not be within 500 feet of and had an excuse for how and why the injunction was filled out in that manner which I did not understand.  Nevertheless she said that her Townhouse at the Golf Course is at a dead end and that she saw Joe Griffin’s yellow jeep at the dead end.  In other words she was trying to say Joe was stalking her and her friend.  I explained that Joe has not taken his Jeep out for a very long time (because it is difficult for him to get in and out of it) and that we never went to her home.  I advised that someone provided me that address and I threw it away because neither Joe nor I are interested in her love life. Stacy Tebo also had to tell the court that Joe Griffin parked 500 feet away from Town Hall and that Karin Griffin walked over the subpoena and provided to her assistant at Town Hall.  I explained I also paid for the water bill (utility bill).

She said she has to have police officers wait with her after meetings because Joe called her a “ Bitch and she is afraid of him.  Joe has never gone after her and he never called her a “ Bitch” but I stressed that Ms. Tebo’s boyfriend said “Go Fu.k yourself” to Joe Griffin.  Insofar as the police, Ms. Tebo could not be more protected but the truth of the matter is that Joe Griffin hasn’t spoken to her since her meet and greet start up banquet in 2015.  Ms. Tebo locks herself in her office and speaks to no citizens unless by accident and definitely has not spoken to Joe.  That is why Joe writes e-mails.

Stacy stated how Joe Griffin is providing her emotional distress with his e-mails and the judge asked her how?  Then she started with the aforementioned paragraph of her fears.

In lieu of State’s Attorney Jeff Siegmeister, Dana Brady- Giddens addressed the court as a “Friend of the Court”  Although she stated that Joe Griffin has first amendment rights, it does not take away from  Stacy Tebo’s rights to not be harassed even if  she is an official of the  Town of White Springs.  She further read some e-mails relating to how Joe called Stacy a “Witch”, “a druggie” and asked Stacy why she did not provide proof of a prescription.

Chief Assistant State’s Attorney Dana Brady Giddens then cited The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) laws and the fact that these e-mails were not for a legitimate purpose but rather harassment.  But the problem is that Stacy Tebo under Deposition stated she is taking  an opioid drug which is a matter of public record.   I also advised that in spite of the protection under HIPAA Laws, we have a drug free workplace in White Springs and that Stacy Tebo taking opioid drugs and an employee is smoking marijuana e-cigarettes is not a drug free workplace with no proof of a prescription.

Stacy also said that she believes Joe Griffin seems to be interested in her every aspect of life. Because her previous work relations in DeBary , everything she has done is placed on our blog.   She said that there were 50 e-mail requests to Eric Frampton of DeBary.   Again, I explained these were all public records and the reason for securing this information is that our own councilors in White Springs did not do their due diligence before hiring her.

Stacy Tebo loves to waste other people’s money.  She gave Dana Brady Giddons a bankers box of some 1500 e-mails, all of which the Town paid for the processing.  She wasted not only Joe Griffin’s and my time but the Judges time and everyone else’s’ time through the courts just to lie her way into emotional distress.  I am so tired of liars and what Ms. Tebo does not understand or does but doesn’t wish to admit to, is that when we call out things at the meeting, it is to correct her and Rhett Bullard’s lies.  It is not harassment but rather it has a legitimate purpose of setting the record straight.  And I believe, this was instituted as a retaliation against Joe Griffin and I because of our complaints to the Commission on Ethics, who shall also receive copies of the injunction in  due course to prove such retaliation.


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