Mrs. Ralph Hardwick passed – Rest in Peace

I understand that Mrs. Hardwick was found in her home on Thursday after not attending Church on Sunday.  It is my understanding that she will be cremated and the family will celebrate her life in July.   This is what Mrs. Hardwick wished at her funeral:  Perhaps if any of you know her family members, you may let them know this was her wishes!


  1. Pastor Lindsey of Long Branch Congregational Methodist Church READS Mathew 2-13


  1. Robert Townsend SPEAKS and READS “Do not remember me with tears, only laughter as I remember you on the good times we have had”.


  1. David Brantley (Nephew) presents Michael Hardwick (son) with his dad’s flag. If not, give it to Nathinia Scopa (daughter).


  1. SONG “Daddy can you see me now”. (CD) Don Wilson from the Hardware Store will present Sarah Scopa (granddaughter) my bible and Nathinia the other books.


  1. SONG by Randy Ogburn “Are you washed with the blood of the lamb”


  1. SONG by Randy Ogburn “He Touched Me” (Everyone may join in to sing if they wish)


  1. UPS man (in lieu of Karin Griffin) reads Mrs. Hardwick’s


  1. SONG “What Mother did” Nathinia will bring CD


  1. Pastor Ford of the Church of God will SING “Lord I cannot walk without holding your hand”


  1. SONG Í have a mansion over the hilltop”’ (CD)

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