Mr. Davis speaks on the conditions of our Water system, A citizen complains about a meter the Town has not replaced

Harry Davis who has continually assisted White Springs throughout the years gave us not only his background but a background of the conditions currently in the Town of White Springs.
Mr. Davis who is a water-wastewater professional who has served Jasper and is not retired is training Mr. Ray Vaughn for the Water-wastewater position. Although I could not catch his every fluent and fast speaking dissertation of our Town’s problems, I and others did catch some major problems we have.
As Mr. Davis stated after attending a Department of Environmental Protection seminar, Times are Changing and there needs to be change, especially in the area of Asset Management.  One area where White Springs is lacking is in its mapping of all of the water pipes.  WS needs to determine the condition of its assets as well as the life expectancy of those assets.
As to our energy assessment, our Lift Station generators need to be in working area and our pumping stretches a long ways from the Station to the Town.  We should have an energy audit as to Lights, Pumps, motor tests and the like to determine their overall performance.  We need a new remodel of our Energy.
As Mayor Miller stated various times, Harry Davis is a friend of White Springs and if he had not elected to assist White Springs at this time in the training of Ray Vaughn and others as well as assist with our water  and wastewater situation, we would not be in the same position we are today.  Apparently Mr. Davis was licensed in 1973 and 1974 and Started working for Jasper in 1987.  His first trainee in White Springs was John Lewis and he then explained his history in White Springs.  He also stated that Andrew Greene was a hard worker with a great personality who obviously Harry Davis enjoyed working with.
Other problems which need to be fixed are switches which are not working.  They need to be wired to take off in an outage.  Also there needs to be something more than just a light when the power goes off at the waste station.  Some type of alarm so it is noticed needs to be implemented.There needs to be an alarm because no onee sees the light and when it goes off water can’t be distributed from the old system to the new system and there needs to be more than one. The Old Water Tank needs maintenance; on the New Water Tank there is no transmitter to operate one of and the other on.  The Seals and bearings need to be reworked and it will take money.
Lightening struck the timer and one has to reset the Timers.  The meters are twenty years old.  Mr. Davis provided Stacy Tebo with a listing of the repairs which will be required for a fully functional water system.  Mr. Davis stated three or four of the items on the list are a priority.  Alarms are necessary because the water pressure drops down when it’s shut down.  Mr. Davis also said that where the line was fulushed, it is crystal clear water but samples should be taken in different areas.  We were sad to hear that Mr. Davis, who is 72 years of age, has a viral infection to his heart from working in the Plants.
Mr. Davis also gave Ray Vaughn information on how to bypass certain equipment and a complete map where valves are located.  Andrew Greene assisted Ray Vaughn on figuring out some of the  equipment.  There are old Maps in the Fire Station and Maps of the Entire Water system, hydrants and Valves.  Some have to be dig up and some of the valves need to be changed out and they can’t cut them off.   He said that Ray Vaughn is a likeable guy and Stacy Tebo is nice to him and that is his Direct Talk.


A Citizen from the floor then questioned her water bill.  Her Basic water bill is 459.24 and with late fees it may be $74.00, but she receives bills for $400 using 6000 gallons of water, then $224.00 then $62.08.  Her bills were so strange that she had to come in after a hystorectomy surgery.  She has had people check under her house to see if something was leaking and it is not.  She would like someone to investigate because her bills are in the three digit area.  She was told that it is the meter and when we went through this with the Trailer Park, the Town OWNS the meters and therefore should replace the meters.  In fact, Ms. Vonda stated that she already with the large bills has paid for her meter.  The Council took her billings and will investigate.  Furthermore Waste Pro has run down the trash can, she has had missing containers and Pam has had Waste Pro provide her with  new ones.


Certainly our Town Manager should determine what the problem is.  It is her job as the CEO.  Yet she does not fulfill many of the obligations of her job.  One is giving reports on the financial status of the Town Monthly which she has never done and secondly she should advise the council of pay scales, show postings or make postings of new jobs coming up, not just hiring someone and I bet not one of the Council knows what anyone is really paid or if there is a schedule, something Ms. Tebo had a fit about in DeBary but it is okay to do it wrong in White Springs.  What does she really care about?  Well there should be transparency in Government and Ms. Tebo not only does not apprise the council but does not provide transparency to the people.  And the Council as a whole won’t do anything about it.


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Later in the meeting when asked who was doing Ray Vaughn’s job, we were told Ray Vaughn still mows grass and still does what he can to help White Springs per Stacy.  The problem here is that Stacy Tebo hired another to handle Street/Roads/Public Works, and the council has never been apprised of his salary, nor was the job posted so others could apply, which is another strike against Ms. Tebo’s handling of her position as Manager.

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