More Bits and Pieces of the June 11th Meeting

The motion to allow Bebish Inc, the one day a week for one hour food pantry of a 60 day notice had been recinded in view of the fact that Mrs. Thomas Brazil made a statement that the perspective buyer(s) could view the building even if Bebish Inc. occupied the building.
Furthermore since an appraisal is to be requested by a competent and licensed appraiser, the motion was withdrawn and postponed until the next meeting in July.
Councilman Tom Moore secured money from a benefactor for the Veteran’s Honor Board to be shown at Veteran’s park which is at a cost of $3,000.  He is in the process of securing the actual names of the veterans whether deceased or living due to the fact that some only show initials such as T.J. Brown and some do not have their actual names such as Asa Maynard.
He also wishes to have an inventory done of the building at Veteran’s Park which cureently is used for storage such as old xerox machine and  other items.  It was suggested that photographs be taken of the 600-700 square foot building inventory and Councilman Moore will secure a key and start with the photography.
An RFP (Request for Proposal) will be made for a Town CPA / Auditor.  Currently the Town is looking for volunteers for a committee to review the proposals received and to make a recommendation which will be Given to the Town Council.  Since the Town Charter requires that an RFP for a CPA be done every three years, Mayor Miller asked why Mr. Daniels has been the CPA for White Springs for the last four years (Not that he cannot submit a new RFP).  Ms. Tebo stated an extension to his contract was given for an additona two years after the initial two years.  However, in attending the majority of the meetings, obviously we missed the fact that the Council actually agreed to extend Mr. Ken Daniel’s contract.  A motion to advertise for a RFP for a new CPA was made by Councilman Moore and seconded by Councilman McKenzie.   Ms. Tebo was asked to handle the matter.
They are waiting for an application from Mr. Tommie Jones to volunteer as the head of the Economic Development Committee.
Stacy Tebo was asked to place together a separate letter to the Florida Department of Transportation, which could be provided at the FDOT Meeting for a red light at the crossroads intersection of County Road 136 and Highway 41.   Councilman McKenzie stated that he has been able to tell all the people that he lives in a Town where there are no red lights.
An RFP must be placed in the newspaper for a Legal Services Attorney for the Town.  Ms. Tebo was asked to prepare the advertisement for an RFP, and could review  our previous RFP wording for legal services and revise what is necessary.  Attorney Hatton also suggested that we place an ad with the Florida Bar Association.  Mayor Miller suggested that the RFP be developed as expediently as possible.  Stacy Tebo stated she will not work on it this week because she has to complete the application for the USDA grant of the Fire Engine, for which Walter McKenzie, Vice Mayor, instead of our Mayor, was voted by the council to sign the application on Friday Morning.
The 93rd Florida League of Cities Annual Conference with  Educatonal Seminars is coming up, and the cost will be $1,400 per person.  Since Mayor Miller has been involved with the Florida League of Cities as vice chair of the 2016-2017 Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Legislative Policy Committee; the  Chair of the 2017-2018  Utilities, Natural Resources and Public Works Committee and has received numerous awards throughout her years for her work from the Florida League, she nominated herself as the delegate.
Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie then stated how he is heavily involved with the Florida League of Cities and we know he attends meetings so I elected to see if I could find out what his actual involvement is.   From what I could find McKenzie is a director along with Mayor Miller for the Suwanne River League of Cities and I may be guessing, but knowing Mayor Miller she probably introduced Vice Mayor McKenzie to the League.  Yet after his long disertation of his work with the League, he then stated that Mayor Miller is more heavily involved and agreed that she should be the deligate.
Stacy Tebo seemed extremely unhappy with the decision to have Mayor Miller as the delegate and stated that it should be Councilman Tom Moore who attends as a deligate, since Moore has not taken his ethics classes.  However, $1,400 is a very expensive amount to be paid just to be provided a session on ethics when Moore could take an on-line course similar to what Councilman and former Mayor Spencer Lofton did.
Ms. Tebo explained that the cost of $1,400 per person could not be covered by the $356 in the account for those purposes.  It’s nice that Ms. Tebo has run our Town to the ground financially and has made certain when Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton were delegates to such events that there was money, whether it was taken from other areas.  Then let’s not forget that we paid for Ms. Tebo’s attorney fees, which were to be $7,500 by council approval and ended up over $13,000 in her case against Miller.  But  of Course, Ms. Tebo is special and when it comes to Ms. Tebo’s protection, there is no cap on legal fees.  Frankly she should pay back the difference of what was approved and what was actually spent back into the Town Coffers, in my opinion.
This is the site Information and tentative agenda for the FLC Conference:



Resolution Submission Deadline: July 10, 2019  │ Hotel Registration Deadline: July 24, 2019  │ Conference Registration Deadline: August 2, 2019 

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