Mayor Lofty’s decision regarding Tonja was that she had a right to interfere with Code Enforcement since she waswith Stacy Tebo when it was done. What Bias.

Any elected or appointed official or Attorney refusing to honor an acceptance of their Oath is simply impersonating a public official 

That obviously that the Mayor, the Vice Mayor and one councilor, Bullard,  no longer allow a citizen to redress their grievances and these councilors follow the laws which only benefit them.

There is a statute which applies that states whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee and receives benefit, shall not only be fined or imprisoned for not more than three years or both.  It is too bad we cannot prove that in White Springs without sending everything to the Ethics Commission to determine.


it really doesn’t matter what Constitution we’re talking aboutthe question to whomever is that if you –solemnly swore that you will support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States and the State of Florida; and that you will well and faithfully perform the duties upon which you are now about to enter.  ( Surprisingly our Corrupt Town does not include “so help me God” in our oath of office.)“Is there something by or through your alleged Constitution that compels your performance?” — If yes, “…then please enter it into the record of this matter.” If no, “…then what am I doing here? Is there some manner of contract that is controlling?


It is time we protect ourselves from “abusive” public servants:

Title 18 USC §1621 concerning the “neglect to protect” by persons under Oath, and Title 42 USC § 1986wherein a person having “knowledge of the law”, “the power to stop a wrong” and the “duty to prevent a wrong from being done” is liable for any failure to act. Under that title, suit may be brought for the deprivations of such legal and moral duty to prevent wrong . But suits are what you want.  You welcome suits because you feel you have the 3rd judicial circuit in your pocket because of Rhett Bullard.


Article 1 of the Declaration of Rights, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution, under the Right to Assemble states “The people shall have the right peaceably to assemble, to instruct their representatives and to petition for redress of grievances.

With each of you agreeing to the oath of office, then why would you consider removal of one’s petition for redress of grievances? If the oath was considered a contract in the private sector, each of you would be in breachOtherwise, you are impersonating councilors because you do not abide by the oath.

By not bringing forth Tonja Brown’s violation, it is in itself favoritism over another person, Dr. Miller, for a charge which is more serious than those against Dr. Miller.It’s favoring a person like Tonja Brown, not because she is doing the best job but rather because of some extraneous feature-membership in a favored group, who follows Rhett Bullard’s commands.

This is pure Cronyism. As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know but who you know,” Cronyism occurs within a network of insiders-the “good ol’ boys,” who confer favors on one another.

Favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism all interfere with fairness because they give undue advantage to someone like Tonja Brown who does not necessarily merit this treatment. 

 This council held a Kangaroo hearing to charge Dr. Miller on four counts of malfeasance for “interrupting” which essentially she asked or requested something she as a council member and person who brought in benefactor money should have been able to do.

 Yet Dr. Miller’s interference did not cause an employee to terminate his job of code enforcement.  Tonja Brown’s interference did. Not only did Tonja Brown use her position to interfere with his primary job’s directive, but she told him how to do his job inaccurately, which codes to enforce and who he should bring notice against.  And that is definitely interfering.

As officer Davis stated Code Enforcement should be utilized in the interest of the Town of White Springs as a whole…not just Tonja Brown because she is Vice Mayor.

Therefore, the council must decide whether Joe Griffin’s statement and Officer Davis’s accusations of Tonja Brown’s violations is sufficient to make her stand to account as we required Dr. Miller to do. What is good for the Swan is good for the duckling.  But the Council will not per Mayor Lofty.  This Council is above the law and Mayor Lofty’s investigations are useless if done at all.


When we initially asked about our Complaint being on the agenda, we were told to do what we had to do which meant filing another ethics complaint on Tonja Brown.

  1. The “Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees” adopted by the Legislature is found in Chapter 112 (Part III) of the Florida Statutes.

The Code is intended to ensure that public officials conduct themselves independently and impartially, not using their offices for private gain

The Code also seeks to avoid the creation of unnecessary barriers to public service. And

Misuse of Public Position Prohibition – Public employees may not corruptly use or attempt to use their official position to secure a special privilege, benefit or exemption for themselves or another. S. 112.313(6), F.S. 1. In order to have acted “corruptly,” one must have acted with reasonable notice that conduct was inconsistent with the proper performance of his/her public duties and would be a violation of the law or the code of ethics.


There must be intentional conduct to benefit oneself or another.  Tonja’s actions were legally sufficient to determine intentional conduct in using her official position to secure special privilege, benefit or exemption for another. It has to be determined then if Tonja Brown with her charges against Dr. Miller would have given her a reasonable amount of time to have determined her actions were wrong? 


You the council must make this decision and of course, since Mayor Lofty made that decision that Tonja’s actions were approved by Stacy Tebo or were done under the auspices of Stacy Tebo, her actions were not the same as Cr. Miller’s actions. As such, our complaint to the Ethics commission shall follow so that they may make the decision.


Karin Griffin

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