Mayor Lofty makes excuses for Tebo and Browns interference showing his bias to Helen Miller

1. 163.3202 f.s. Abstract: F.S. 163.3202 163.3202 163.3202 Land development regulations.

(1) Within 1 year after submission of its comprehensive plan or revised comprehensive plan for review pursuant to s. 163.3191, each county and each municipality shall adopt or amend and enforce land development regulations that are consistent with and implement their adopted comprehensive plan.

(2) Local land development regulations shall contain specific and detailed provisions necessary or desirable to implement the adopted comprehensive plan and shall at a minimum:

(a) Regulate the subdivision of land.
(b) Regulate the use of land and water for those land use categories included in the land use element and ensure the compatibility of adjacent uses and provide for open space.
(c) Provide for protection of potable water wellfields.
(d) Regulate areas subject to seasonal and periodic flooding and provide for drainage and stormwater management.
(e) Ensure the protection of environmentally sensitive lands designated in the comprehensive plan.
(f) Regulate signage.
(g) Provide that public facilities and services meet or exceed the standards established in the capital improvements element required by s. 163.3177 and are available when needed for the development, or that development orders and permits are conditioned on the availability of these public facilities and services necessary to serve the proposed development. A local government may not issue a development order or permit that results in a reduction in the level of services for the affected public facilities below the level of services provided in the local government’s comprehensive plan.
(h) Ensure safe and convenient onsite traffic flow, considering needed vehicle parking.
(i) Maintain the existing density of residential properties or recreational vehicle parks if the properties are intended for residential use and are located in the unincorporated areas that have sufficient infrastructure, as determined by a local governing authority, and are not located within a coastal high-hazard area under s. 163.3178.
(3) This section shall be construed to encourage the use of innovative land development regulations which include provisions such as transfer of development rights, incentive and inclusionary zoning, planned-unit development, impact fees, and performance zoning. These and all other such regulations shall be combined and compiled into a single land development code for the jurisdiction. A general zoning code shall not be required if a local government’s adopted land development regulations meet the requirements of this section.
(4) The state land planning agency may require a local government to submit one or more land development regulations if it has reasonable grounds to believe that a local government has totally failed to adopt any one or more of the land development regulations required by this section. Once the state land planning agency determines after review and consultation with local government whether the local government has adopted regulations required by this section, the state land planning agency shall notify the local government in writing within 30 calendar days after receipt of the regulations from the local government. If the state land planning agency determines that the local government has failed to adopt regulations required by this section, it may institute an action in circuit court to require adoption of these regulations. This action shall not review compliance of adopted regulations with this section or consistency with locally adopted plans.
(5) The state land planning agency shall adopt rules for review and schedules for adoption of land development regulations.


When  Joe Griffin brought up his double standards regarding Tonja’s interference with Officer Davis, Mayor Lofty’s defense to not Treat Tonja in the same manner was the fact that she was with Stacy when the requests transpired.   That is absurd because Officer Davis may only follow the law and was trained to follow the law.  Just because Tonja was with Stacy does not mean the two were not complicit in their actions to go against the law and each should be judged for their actions.

Helen Miller was blamed for interference but we know Tonja is continually visiting with Stacy and telling her what to do and Stacy Tebo to make certain she doesn’t get four votes to terminate her from her job in White Springs, basically follows Tonja around like a puppy dog to make certain Tonja likes her.  If Stacy had her choices she would leave Tonja in the dust.

So in White Springs Mayor Lofty, although he responds, has made certain none of the people who are employed by the Town of White Springs and his favorite councilors can do no wrong.  Yet he continually speaks of the military.  There are so many military veterans in this town who have fought for our country rather than teaching people ROTC or other simple jobs which only Lofty could handle.  These veterans do not brag and their experience and dedication is so far superior than what Lofty has done that it is embarrassing in the manner in which he brags and brings the military into it.  Didn’t he do anything else in life that he could be proud of?  ;Especially since he was fired from some jobs in the military.

So when Joe made a complaint relative to Stacy Tebo and Tonja Brown telling Code Enforcement Officer Davis how to do his job, Mayor Lofty said he would investigate – not fact find but investigate the matter.   Now earlier in the meeting he was apologizing for not getting things done because he was in the process of moving and his wife had many honey do’s for him to accomplish.  Yet Mayor Lofty said he had investigated the matter and obviously there was nothing wrong with what Stacy and Tonja did.  When Helen Miller asked if Mayor Lofty made a formal report on the matter, he said he did not but he investigated.  When Joe Griffin said he did not believe Mayor Lofty, Mayor Lofty told Joe Griffin that he doesn’t follow the mayor nor does he know what the mayor does.  But it is practice in White Springs not to do things in writing.


So since Mayor Lofty would not hear Joe Griffin’s complaint, he provided each of the councilors a notarized copy of the complaint form which is being sent to the Commission on Ethics today.


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