Mayor Lofton is wrong; most young people do not want to work!!

Mayor Lofton has indicated there needs to be jobs for the young people of this Town; but what is there except odd and end jobs that they have no interest in doing.

What I have seen in White Springs, I have never seen anywhere else in the country and it could be because of the poverty level.  But yet that is not an excuse because I remember working on my parents farm and nothing was easy.  I didn’t get an allowance and babysat to get additional money for things I needed.  There was no TV watching because when I came home there was cows to milk and feed, pigs to feed, chickens to handle and a huge garden to hoe  and other chores; then homework and then bed.  I have to agree with Alex Brown, and he is young enough to be my son, but like my daughter and we before them, worked hard all of our life for the things we desired. And most of us went on to school so that we could have an easier life. And even in that easier life, we rarely watched a clock and we maintained ours and the company we worked for goals.

From the time I moved here in 2011, Joe had continually hired young people to assist us.  One young Black man helped me move here and we paid him well as well as taking him out to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant.  Whomever works for us always gets fed and if we go to a restaurant, they go to a restaurant.  This young man thanked me by stealing most of the groceries out of our house, scratch the stone with his cart, stole four new batteries from our golf cart and a variety of other things which we didn’t miss.   He lied to us that he would need $200 to pay someone to retrieve the contractor equipment stolen from Jim Smith so Joe got the money and went with him in the middle of the night.  The next day, we looked at the equipment and it stated the “Town of White Springs”.  That equipment had just been stolen so we called Berry, the Officer at that time and he then later arrested him.  And his girlfriend always wanted the cash he had as soon as he was paid but in the end she assisted the officer so I guess he kept some from her.

Then there were those that asked for cash and said they would come by and help us and they never did, including one who I had great hope for who ended up in prison.  We sent him money monthly for additional treats or cigarettes and purchased clothing and a pair of tennis shoes from the Prison store so that he would have the things he wanted that his mom could not afford.  We kept getting letters how he had found God and how he was going to help his mom out and also us when he returned.  At one time, we were told not to send more money because it was felt it was going for drugs, etc.  We stopped just before he came home and when I told him I was not going to provide more money, he had a prison cell mate’s mother call me trying to give me what I call “Jewish/Catholic guilt”.  She kept on me and on me that I needed to help my kin and finally I told her I was not kin, I was a White Woman and a friend of his moms.  She did not call back.   When we picked him up, there he was in old clothes and old tennis shoes so apparently, he gave all of that up, whether for his protection or for drugs or cigarettes.   Joe then said he would assist him and secure a trucking Job for him ; one which would provide training if he stayed for a period of time.  But the minute he came home he was on drugs and booze and that was the end of the job.  In fact he took a knife after his mom’s boyfriend and we then dropped our friendship with him.

Then there was the time in which we had one young Black Man assist us and I remember he went home with $20-30.  But instead of going home with the money, he stopped on the way to buy a little something to get him high.  The next thing we know is his girlfriend called us and told us that we contributed to his drug use and called us every name in the book.

Joe had been providing jobs to these young men for a long time and not once did they provide us with any respect even though he paid well and I fed them as well to make certain they had something to eat.  To me it is important because I was raised to welcome people in my home and to provide them with something to drink and eat.  It’s the Midwest Way.

At one time we had many a black young man come to our door and ask to borrow money…and we knew, they would never return it because you could never believe a word they had to say.  It got to the point, that we kept no money around and Joe refused to go to the bank because it was a bit too much.

I also planted grass and asked a young man to assist me.  He had a difficult time with the entire manner and could not understand how an older person like me could work as hard as I did.  But I must admit, I liked this young man and we helped him along for some time, because he was different than everyone else and it is because we found out he was Rhett’s brother.  I even liked his family. But since the cat came out of the bag, I see him working at Rhett’s sweeping the porch, but he has not come by any more.

In 2014, Joe decided to hook up our pole barn to electricity so we would have additional lighting. We hired the Town’s Kenny Hutcherson to dig a ditch between our residence and the pole barn, at which time Kenny also had to uproot a water oak root.   After Jim Smith made all the electrical connections, it was necessary that, of course, the ditch with its electrical cords, be covered with dirt.  Joe was told to hire BJ because BJ needed some cash.  So we did, but it started to rain and BJ could only complete a very small portion of pushing the dirt back into the hole.  For the approximate ½ hour BJ actually worked (and I say that with pause), Joe advanced him money so that BJ would come back and complete the work the next non rain day.


What happened is that BJ never returned but sent someone else over to cover the ditch.  Knowing we paid money in advance to BJ who did not have the courtesy to come back but rather sent one of his “slaves”, I told the individual that I would handle it and sent him on his merry way. I worked for a day shoveling dirt in to the ditch and packing the  dirt down and the Smiths felt I had done a tremendous job.

Once Joe became friends with him on facebook, we took an interest in his family.  We purchased an oxygen apparatus for his fish and brought by treats for his children.  I had forgotten that he was the person who never showed up, but always felt I should know him.

Then unfortunately his friend Travis was killed and we felt so badly for the family. We asked what we could do and we were not told until the last minute that candles were needed for the candle vigil and no one could find any.  So Joe one-day expressed the candles for the vigil in White Springs and because of shipping and handling express, it cost approximately $200.00.  I also fixed up a special commemorative candle with flowers and ribbons, which went to Travis’s grandmother.  Travis’s mother was very thankful and at the vigil, people looked at us as if we did not belong so we left early.

Then we were asked to provide food for a party at Tom’s which we did and the only person who thanked us was Travis’s mom and she surely did not need to because she just lost a son.

After all of that BJ’s wife made comments about us being slave owners and that we treated people like slaves; especially making her poor husband dig a ditch when we White folk surely would not.   Well obviously we did not know what BJ may have said about us, but obviously he had some hallucinations of grandeur and lied about us.  Why I do not know because we were good to him; but we would find out shortly.

Then BJ on facebook started bragging to Joe that Joe made him dig the ditch for our electrical work. Joe refuted it; then BJ said he filled the ditch; Joe refuted it.  Then I told Joe he had better tell BJ the truth that BJ did less than 5% of filling in the ditch and was paid money in advance but never completed the work.  I was the one that filled and packed in the ditch.  Joe did and BJ deleted him as a friend.

The next time I saw him and his wife, she had knocked on our door to tell us to have our vehicles washed.  I let Joe respond in a nice way and walked back in because if I had said anything it would not have been nice.

The only person that ever kept his word to us was Mountain Man and he is not young, but as a younger person worked hard in his life.  He may like a beer or two but we always treated him like family and when he could find no one to take him to the hospital we did.  And he gave me away when I married Joe.   He is more than someone who helped us.  He was and is our friend and I am happy that he is regaining his health.  He is funny and always makes me laugh.


Then I did not understand a complaint one young lady had made and when placing it on the blog, she contacted me to tell me how wrong I was.  I was happy  to correct things because I do not wish to place something wrongly and I was partially correct but her child had a more serious problem.  Well she came by the house and spoke to me in a loud voice telling me how White people have it so easy and why Black people have it so hard.  I have always blamed President Obama for the separation of races because he did more to hurt the White/Black relationships than any president I know.  But I did not need to be chastised by this woman who tried to make me feel that I was horrid and did not understand anything because of the Color of my skin.   In my industry in the Midwest and in the West, Blacks, Hispanics and Whites all worked together and there was no type of discriminatory conversation.  We were equal.  We all worked together and we all wanted to succeed.

So that is why I complain about the young people. I am sick of slavery issues because I was never a slave owner, I am a republican and although I do not know if MN ever was involved in the union, I know our forefathers assisted in your forefathers freedom.. Yet all of you went to the party who wants you on Welfare and to keep you in drugs so you do not bother anyone.

And I still believe your child’s actions starts with the Parents.  If you give them everything they want and allow them to just run in the streets without any type of parenting, you are going to raise children that are going nowhere and they will remain on welfare and drugs. You can’t keep blaming Joe and I and all the other White people for your problems.  You need to look in the mirror and do something about it.

We have no prejudices and it is time you also looked beyond someone’s skin color and realize we all wish happiness and a good life.  It is our soul which matters and not our skin color.  We all bleed red.  But I will not listen to lies continually;  I get enough of the lies from our White officials.

Last but not least, Mayor Lofton’s children still live at home when they are at an age to either go to school or work.  What’s up with that?

Karin for the blog

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