Let’s go back to the April 11, 2017 Meeting when Rhett was in charge- Now we know the School District owned the land

Last night  Mayor Rhett Bullard, esq. told Joe Griffin that he is an attorney and that Joe does not need to read the law to him.  What this states is that if Mr. Bullard does know the law, he has no intent in practicing the law because after all we are a “small town” and we do not have to do what others do but rather make our own rules.   Mr. Bullard did not like that I told him he picks and chooses what laws he decides to abide by and even Willie Jefferson agrees that we do not have to follow the Town Charter but instead make our own rules.

It is amazing that these council members have made an oath to abide by the Constitution, the Laws of the State and our local laws but rather they may run things as they wish.   Willy could not understand why Joe has made complaints throughout his time here and even a mentally challenged person would understand why.  There has been nepotism, favoritism of friends, making the law work for only certain people and turning the law against others whether or not the law really is applicable.  The three council persons do not care if they are ethical or if contracts are breached and they do not care if the Town comes crashing down, because that is where it is headed.

I believe that rules apply to everyone, to small communities to large metropolitan areas, to attorneys whether independent, partnerships or state’s attorneys and, to judges.  Since the majority of people who work as attorneys and justices are liberal, it seems they skirt the law and I am so very excited that the State of Florida may be cracking down on this “if you rub my back I will rub yours” scenario.

Take for instance the May Day Event.  The Town has a General Liability policy which covers all employees, officials or volunteers of the Town while in the performance of their duties which includes police officers and fire fighters against bodily injury including death, property damage, personal injury liability in the event the Town is sued by third parties (i.e. a citizen or visitor slips and falls on a sidewalk or there is an attractive nuisance such as condemned houses which have not been handled under specific regulations, etc. and someone gets hurt or dies as a result). It also provides defense coverage.  And the Town’s limit is only $300,000.  One or more of the parties of a contract (whether verbal or written) may be held liable and essentially Rhett Bullard doesn’t care enough about our Town to assure that the appropriate coverage is secured to protect our Town against liability.

The Town’s General Liability policy does not cover Vendors Products Liability in the event someone becomes ill from food products, nor Liquor liability sold by Vendors.  The Town is not responsible for food or liquor sales serving and distribution.  The Town also has only limited Contractual Liability coverage for which Rhett Bullard Esquire did not seek the appropriate insurance or require such from the May Day event holding the Town harmless.  Instead, we have contracted as co partners and our attorney who states he knows the law, apparently does not realize the liability he has placed against the Town, much of which is not covered since there is not “Special Events Coverage” added to the Town’s General Liability for which a charge is made based upon receipts nor is there a Separate Events policy secured either by the May Day event or our Town.  There definitely is no liquor liability.

The town is allowing use of its property for a festival and it is usual if utilizing public facilities that the festival organizers provide a Special Events Policy which holds the Town of White Springs harmless and includes the Town of White Springs as an Additional Insured.   The town cannot add the May Day event to its General Liability Policy since it is not part of a Town event (Like the Azalea Festival) under its general liability policy but rather, the May Day organizers must secure a Special Event Policy and hold the Town Harmless from any liability and add the Town of White Springs as an additional insured.

The May Day event is run by independent Contractors and not Town employees and volunteers.  The Town has no say as to the maintenance and operations of the event; only the May Day officials.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe as a Town we should work together.  However, it should be up to the May Day festival to secure a Special Events policy.  This coverage may be secured through an independent agent and may require information such as the number of individuals who will be in attendance per day, a separate charge for any vendors or exhibitors, estimated receipts, whether there will be a sale or distribution of wine beer or liquor, and what security measures are in place.

Everything may go as it has had previously but taking into consideration the Trump haters and Black Lives Matter who no longer even include white people in their meetings, we could have a serious problem in our small town.   So Rhett Bullard, you are supposed to be an attorney…so why are you not protecting the Town of White Springs.   This is just like that RV Park fiasco you were going to start, realizing you would not have insurance or actual security as required, etc.   Think before you speak please.


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