Just some suggestions on our Job search activities

Here are some ways to advertise for the necessary positions necessary for the Town of White Springs, some which may not cost the Town a dime and some very little depending upon the size of the ad:
  1.  Place a RFP to the The Florida Bar Jobsite; an RFP to the Florida League of Cities Job Site; The National League of Cities Jobsite;  Linkedin; Legal Crossing.com;  (Legal)
  2. Embrace social media The Town of White Springs Site; The Admin Facebook Site;  (Both for Legal and CPA)
  3. Advertise on blog sites such as the Columbia County Observer or of course, the White Springs Journal  (Both for Legal and CPA)
  4. Put up multimedia on YouTube and Flickr. …
  5. Press releases through the Jasper News and the Lake City Reporter
    (Both for Legal and CPA)
  6. search through relative online associations
    (Both for Legal and CPA)
  7. Specifically Invite specific attorneys to provide an RFP on search firm sites or locally:Submit Your Resume | Submit Jobs |  800-298-6440


We all know that White Springs has not had a good reputation.  Essentially the only attorneys who were willing and able to work with us was the Kennon and Koberlein law firms, and we ruined the latter one because of the manner in which our former mayors ran the Town with our Town Manager’s compliance.  No one applied to our Requests for Proposals so Rhett Bullard, esquire invited Karen Hatton, esquire to apply. That in part was because the two were friends when Rhett did his part to allegedly disparage our reputations with the States Attorneys Office and which did not work well for Ms. Hatton in the long run.


If we do not get any attorneys to respond because of our Town’s reputation, we need to pick and choose attorney firms and write a very cordial letter inviting them to provide us a proposal for their services as municipal attorneys.  That may be the only way an attorney may apply because believe me even bail bondsmen know how corrupt this Town is as well as all the surrounding Towns and Counties, so it may be difficult but we can do it, We need an attorney who will work for the elected officials of the council and not just work for Tebo and take bias against council members.  The councilors with the exception of Mayor Miller do not necessarily follow an attorney’s advice nor do they follow the law unless it is convenient and THAT WILL HAVE TO CHANGE. 


We may likewise have to invite CPA firms to apply with a Proposal.  There are many in the locality but both prior CPA firms have either commented, laughed or covered up on the lack of expertise concerning our financial director and we need someone who will get our books set up right.  We cannot go one in the manner in which our categories, our practices, our lack of restricted funds and grants have been handled through quick books, so we need someone independent who may be able to go through the mess once and for all and hopefully without frustration and a subsequent stroke or heart attack.  It may be that there is also someone locally that a CPA would trust to audit our books.  We need help and change in White Springs; hope and change has not worked.  We absolutely need an audit of Pam Tomlinson’s past five years of bookkeeping so we may start with a new fresh slate.
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