Jacqueline Williams is the New Council Woman and now they will be interviewing Town Managers.



Interview for Town Manager.  Mayor Miller said that we are providing information  to the one town manager who applied which consist of  policies, procedures , the charter and a management letter is going to Mr. Emrich.   The Council however first wished to fill the vacancy for Tonja Brown’s vacated position, before we set up a teleconference for the applicants.  The plan was to interview the applicants by teleconference.

CW  Rivers was upset that they are considering doing it by telephone.  Rivers would like to see the individuals in person.  Mayor Miller said If the Town Council wishes to do the interviews in person we can make the switch.  She indicated we would have to pay the travel expense for the town applicants. And there are Pros and cons. CW Williams also stated she wished to meet with the applicants in person.  And CW Rivers stated” Why would we pay them to interview for a job?  You do what it takes to pay for the job interview”   Mayor Miller stated there has been a precedence to pay the expenses of the  applicant.  CM Moore said he thought that if one of the applicants drove from his home 1.5 hours one way, it would be an experience to see whether he would be willing to do that as our Town Manager.  He also stated that Mr. Emrich out of Houston stated he would be willing to Come to White Springs for the interview, especially since he has relatives living in Tallahassee.  Mayor Miller said she will make those changes.  She then asked if the Councilors have conflicts in the next two weeks so that the scheduling could be made.

CW Rivers stated we should wait to find out when that person is available instead of us .  Mayor Miller said they should check their schedule to find out if they cannot make the interview.  Tom Moore has an ethics class on the 24th.  CW Rivers had a conflict on the 17th and the 21st.  In any event, Mayor Miller was going to schedule the date of the interviews.

As you probably are aware, Mayor Miller and our Town Attorney are protecting Tommie Jones in every way possible.  It is my belief that iit is imperative that they retain Tommie Jones no matter how much more experience other Town Manager applicants may have.  After all Mayor Miller loves to control and she obviously can control Tommie Jones to jump for her every command.  Frankly with the council of GEDs and high school grads, Helen is probably the only one with some business acumen.   Think about it! Why would she wish a manager in who may know more than she does.  She can control the minions of the council, but she couldn’t control a Town Manager/CEO with experience.  So how much do you bed, she will be the one to send materials to basically persuade Emrich to not apply and the other candidate has much honesty as well  and won’t put up with the way White Springs is handled.

Oh and yes, Joe Griffin had applied for the Town Council Job and so did a Jacqueline Williams,  I don’t think Joe likes the current council any more than they like him but he wanted to tell them that they are lacking in Law and Order.  Yes, even the Town attorney skirts the law.  If there has not been a court case against a Town having a consultant as a Town Manager, she thinks she is within the law but the Ethics or lack there of stinks and we have certainly done something stupid no other Town in the United States has ever done.   

Subsequently, Jacqueline Williams was added to the council and given the oath by Beverly Brazil.  And although Griffin was just in his law and order mode, she gave her short dissertation as to why she should become Council Member.  The only problem is that if any  one of you have heard Nikki Williams shout in the phone and didn’t understand her, this Williams has the same problem swallowing her phone. I honestly do not know what she said and Joe couldn’t understand her either. But she is an RN and as a result is better educated and was in the military than the other two Rivers and Williams. Then at times one can’t understand Tommie Jones.  I guess where I have come from in the West and Midwest, people could speak clearly like those on television…but not in White Springs.  The dialect is terrible.  Fortunately Helen Miller indicated she would be sending Joe a copy of Jacqueline’s letter to Joe since he wished to see the applicants because Miller also stated Jacqueline repeated what her letter relayed.  What a hoot.  We now have three council members who we can’t understand nor a manager.  Who would want to be on that council much less be the Town Manager.  Look for Jones remaining as long as this council stays together because after all, they are all related.  


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