When referring to state statutes highlighted in the Government in the Sunshine Manual. He wants White Springs to go honest as much as the Democrats want to support Trump which is to say not at all.

Tom Moore says I should pick my fights, that the obvious boggy man is Stacy and Pam and the town attorney. Such is pure bullshit. #1 you can get rid of the town attorney by a simple 3-2 vote. #2 Pam can be forced to retire by the Council, she deserves it. #3 Stacy can be put on half paid leave of absence until she retires or at least gets the hell out of town. The solution to our Boogy man is within the Council’s grasp if only Tom Moore and Walter McKenzie had a set. Today couldn’t have been any worse if Arthur Nateall had won the seat. So much for the law. After 20 years we’re still waiting on Walter to take a stand but I guess the wind wasn’t blowing in the right direction just like  it hasn’t blown in the right direction in the 18 years he’s been on the Council.

They say you get the government you deserve. How true. I’ll never stop fighting for honest government, you hear that Walter? Can’t wait for election day. The banners will be out in force.


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