Info on Estes shows how hard Tebo works, NOT!

We decided to secure some public records from DeBary on Ms. Shalene Estes, a Friend of Ms. Tebo who also worked in DeBary.  As you know Ms. Estes is part of the Lone Star Planning Group, specializing in regulatory policy, planning and entitlement services.

Initially when we requested the information, the person we spoke to stated apparently Ms. Estes was not memorable, because no one could remember her.

What we received was a group of approximately 440 e-mails between Ms. Tebo and Ms. Estes.  What is interesting is that very little work was discussed; at one time Ms. Estes asked Ms. Tebo for a Land Development book Ms. Tebo had in her possession but most of these emails were going out for drinks, going to the beach and other social discussions ON THE CITY OF DEBARY’S DIME.

I FIGURE that is the reason Ms. Tebo Locks herself in her office for the past four years.  When she is not taking time off, which is a considerable amount of time, Ms. Tebo is busy working on her lawsuits and her appeals, contacting friends, and discussing how she can shaft the White Springs Citizens.  She also keeps a diary of everything which transpires in White Springs so that if she has to take another lawsuit she can do to White Springs, what she has done to DeBary.  She checks all phone calls coming in so she is assured her own employees are not talking to friends, relatives, or Mayor Miller, like in the case of Anita Rivers.  In fact you will recall that she nixed Tracy Rodiquenz from having lunch with Anita Rivers.  And I recall when someone took her position over in DeBary, they found paperwork from the latter part of the 1990’s that she had not done anything with.

Well what has Tebo done for us?   Well she hired her good friend so she could have some social time with Ms. Estes who charges White Springs $750 a month.

I also question how when Ms. Estes is currently the Application Development Supervisor at St. John’s County, Florida.  My question is, in most Government entities, they do not appreciate their employees working another job which may be conflicting.  Since Ms. Estes states she is an Experienced Land Development Professional with a demonstrated history of working in a multi faceted arena scouting raw land and carrying it through to vertical construction, what is it that has been really done for White Springs?

People, this is the sorriest manager we have ever had in the history of White Springs.  Not only is she out for what she can get in money and benefits, but she brings in her friends to share whatever can be fleeced from White Springs without anyone’s knowledge


Also like Ms. Tebo so Tebo isn’t caught with something nefarious, Ms. Estes had three e-mail addresses which were used at DeBary.


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