In the case of the Foreman at Dixie county who was charged with 14 felonies – Go to Fogbow to read the rest

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Siegmeister Case SummaryThe key points in this case are; on or about August 1, 2014:

1. Siegmeister exceeded his authority by assuming control of jury management through ex parte communications with them before hand—he called them each to ‘prepare’ them for the session. =JT

2. Siegmeister obtained secret information intended for the Grand Jury Foreman and held it from the Grand Jury Foreman. He intercepted secret information from grand jurors who reported they could not attend the August 1, session and withheld it from the Foreman. = JT

3. Siegmeister ‘testified’ before the court, offering his opinions on the case, rather than on the law. He stated he had no authority to prosecute a case he had not even heard of. =JT

4. Siegmeister sought to undermine the process of the Grand Jury by inserting himself and his staff into the process contrary to the instructions, in the handbook, the statutes, and more importantly to the Common Law, and repugnant to the Constitution. He forced his court reporter and assistant into the session over the protestations of the Foreman. =JT

5. Siegmeister Obstructed Justice by advising Gilchrist and Levy County Clerks (who did not know about the CC presentment) to block Dixie County Grand Jury Foremen access to their respective grand juries reporting a matter of a criminal nature in their counties. =JT

6. Siegmeister used his office to corrupt the Dixie County Clerk of Court in the lawful performance of her duties by causing her to withhold crucial information from the Grand Jury Foreman. =JT

7. Siegmeister manipulated the Members of the Grand Jury with body language, facial expressions, and hand gestures while standing behind the Foreman during presentation of the case. =JT

8. Siegmeister used ex parte communications with a member of the jury to obtain secret, jury-only documents after being warned that the documents were for Jury-Eyes Only. Grand Jury Foreman =JT


Date: August 4, 2014

To: Judge Cynthia Munkittrick

From: Terry Trussell, Grand Jury Foreman

Re: Dixie County Grand Jury Meeting – 08/01/2014 – 1:30 PM

Your Honor, I’m afraid we have some very serious problems—

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