IMAGINARY HIGHER CAUSES – It’s time the Citizens awaken to what these corrupt officials are doing to them


For years, everyone has been under the spell of Rhett Bullard and as a result have lost increasing portions of properity, life and happiness due to various imaginary “higher causes” which he promises.

These losses are for no real reason except to support Town Cheaters like Stacy Tebo, Tonja Brown, Willie Jefferson, Spencer Lofton, Andrew Greene and Steve Stith.

Their actions contradict the nature and needs of conscious beings.  For they undermine the capacity for integrated thinking because they will tell you that their way is the only way and you are wrong..  Thus it reduces competitiveness, self-esteem and pleasures.  Thus what they have done to us, the Citizens,  leads to incompetence and unhappiness.


The more an individual surrenders by accepting what these corrupt officials are doing, the more that person becomes incompetent and tries to escape reality.  They do not wish to fight because they fear retaliation or the fact that they no longer will be favored by these corrupt officials.  For such a person, life increasingly becomes a source of conflict and pain.  To the extent that one accepts their lies and promises is the extent that a person withdraws from life and loses contract with the happiness life inherently holds.  To those people who choose to remain silent and not become involved, your life is perpetuated by ignorance, fraud, deceit and the need to destroy values the others are fighting for.  It is time that you awaken to the dangers set forth by these corrupt officials.

Those of the Corrupt Official’s circle have always criticized others for their higher cause.  This group should be pleased because they do not care what incompetence and deception they carry out. They are free to tell others how to run their lives but we no longer need to listen to their diatribes.

Someday perhaps the rest of White Springs will realize that these Corrupt officials are undermining the capacity for integrated thought; all of which are followers without an original thought process…or even the ability to think on their feet because they follow just one very corrupt and deceitful person, Rhett Bullard.


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