I want to see a new article stating Kevin Pittman has been rehired as fire chief

Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo definitely did not care if the people of White Springs had a viable fire department.  Like in the case of Helen B. Miller, they found excuses which did not even make sense to remove him as fire chief, just because he did not feel Andrew Greene was able to fight fires with his conditions and definitely Dominique his wife should not have been okayed as a firefighter.  This is a sad state of affairs and even Tonja Brown, Spencer Lofton and Walter McKenzie did not see fit to fight for the best Fire Chief White Springs has ever had.   He had passion and he helped train his firefighters and had regular drills.  Yet, our Town Manager would not consider fixing equipment and never paid him the kind of money Stith and Greene are paid for doing nothing.  Today only our Police Department assist the EMT’s and at the Landing Zones because we have no firefighters.   It again will be difficult because we have lost some of our firefighters like Cecil Brownfield and Bradley Meeks because they no longer work for our Police Department.  They were too good to remain in White Springs and they were not treated the manner in which they should have been.  That is because we have had the two worst mayors in the history of White Springs, Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton plus the sorriest manager in the history of White Springs who does nothing but collect a paycheck. Tom Brazil was our Chief Engineer and he and Pittman did a lot of work on the fire equipment, on their own and with their own money.
Why on earth should the people of White Springs and Hamilton county not have a fire department just because Rhett Bullard and our Town manager had to retain Andrew Greene as Assistant Fire Chief when he doesn’t have firefighter capabilities, the medical ability nor the passion?  We still question why he did not have a scratch on him when two firefighters died in a fire.  Get a grip White Springs.  The Town of White Springs via the council has agreed to provide the people of White Springs a fire Department so Tonja Brown Spencer Lofton and Walter McKenzie better set the matter straight and apoligize and beg Kevin Pittman to come back and remove Andrew Greene as an assistant fire chief before he causes another firefighter to die because of his inabilities to be part of the brotherhood of firefighters.  I am happy this is all being investigated by the commission on ethics.  It might be late but at least it is happening and since Joe and I had many of the same complaints, I was told his and mine are being investigated simultaneously.  We need to drain the swamp!!


By now if Kevin Pittman would have remained fire chief we would have had more volunteers as he indicated in the article.  Alas, Stith has no one who will fight a fire and even he indicated he has fought fires in his lifetime but intimated he was not going to fight fires here.  But yet he is the Chief.


Kevin Pittman named White Springs Fire Chief

Kevin Pittman
Kevin Pittman

WHITE SPRINGS – Kevin Pittman has been named the new White Springs Fire Chief.

According to Pittman, he  has been volunteering at the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department for a while and when the former fire chief resigned, his fellow firefighters asked him to serve as Fire Chief.Pittman was a paramedic when he decided to take firefighter training in 2005. He has  volunteered at Dowling Park Volunteer Fire Department and Suwannee Fire Rescue.

He said he never understood why people would run into a burning building until he started volunteering.“It’s not about the glory of putting a fire out, it’s about the brotherhood,” Pittman said.Pittman said the fire department has training and certifications they need to get caught up on.

“My goal is to have, hopefully, some of the best firefighters as far as training, standards and integrity is concerned,” Pittman said.He added he wants the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department to be able to offer and provide the best response and protection for the citizens of White Springs.

The White Springs Volunteer Fire Department currently has seven members. Pittman would like to have 15 to 20 members.He encourages everyone who would like to volunteer to pick up an application at White Springs Town Hall.He added that lack of training should not stop them from volunteering. He will work with volunteers to get them the training the need.

Jessie R. Box is a reporter for the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press. Her beats include general assignment, government and police. ​

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