Then I told you so on this blog that Rhett was trying to be the town attorney, just like he is in Jasper. When he, Bullard, decided not to run again as Mayor the fix was in. The effort to install Spencer Lofton as Mayor was a dismal failure by the most generous of accounts. Now that the Witch is Dead (Lofton) Rhett is without power to control the Council. Rhett’s hand picked successor to be town attorney was likewise a dismal failure. NOT only did she fail to “GET ME” which was Rhett’s plan all along but she quit largely because of me. She is a flake and an awful attorney who doesn’t understand the Sunshine Laws of the State of Florida. Again Rhett’s plan failed. Bullard oversaw the town into a moral, ethical and economic abyss and gave us TEBO who has got to be the most ill-educated person in America with a Master’s Degree. Another failure.

But the biggest thing is the Ethics Complaints filed in 2018 against Bullard and the rest of the gang of three plus Tebo. Usually an Ethics complaint is handled within 3 months, ask Lofton, he’ll tell you how long it took for this ethics complaint to come back, The nice lady in Tallahassee who is the clerk for The Ethics Commission, once told me that the usual time to respond to an Ethics Complaint that has no violation of the Ethics Law is approximately 3 months or less, Rhett’s has been in the works for 16 months. I’ve checked with the NIce Lady who said the complaint was still under investigation 16 months later. That to me is a tale tell that the fix has fallen apart. But now all of the pieces are there for him to be selected as the town attorney. My complaint to the Florida Bar is already typed.

But  unlike Hatton the new town attorney must be selected in the Sunshine with citizens able to ask questions of the applicants. No more in the darkness hires of a town attorney. Rhett’s famous two sayings were “You want us to admit we’re not following the Law?” and, covering for Spencer, simply because the Ethics commission said Spencer hadn’t broken any ethics law s “then that meant that he hadn’t broken any laws at all”. There has to be over 1000 laws on the books of the State of Florida just because Spencer didn’t break an Ethics law is by no means a “get out of jail free’ card for all  laws. Yet Rhett said so.

And this is who the fix is in to be our new town attorney. Shame on us. I’ll be surprised if any other attorney applies. But I am convinced that Rhett will because he doesn’t like not being in control of the town. You can see that where over 45% of the words spoken at a recent Jasper Town Council meeting were said by the motormouth Rhett. We hire an attorney to keep us out of trouble not to direct the town. Now Jasper is paying for Two expensive legal actions and it is all because of Rhett’s ego. As I said, my complaint to the Florida Bar is already typed. I don’t know how long it will take for Rhett to advise us to break the law, my bet is the first meeting, but when he does the  Complaint to the Florida Bar is ready to go.

Stacy puts a bogus ad in the Florida League of Cities help wanted column that speaks nothing of the needs of the town are with respect to hiring a new attorney. Instead of getting a good attorney, one who will follow the law, we’re going to get Bullard who said “You want us to admit that we broke the law?” Yes that is precisely what we want. Some one who will follow the law. WE have broken the law and I am not in a financial position to hire an attorney to force the town to obey the law. And nobody else apparently gives a damn about the town following the law.

Yes I believe the fix is in. Can’t wait for the INTERVIEW for the Town Attorney to happen. Rhett will be raked over the coals. Why not hire the best? Oh, we do hire the best. TEBO and Bullard. what a combination. When it comes to predicting the bad things this town will do I am the expert, even a year ahead of time. Stay tuned. More to come.


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