I read Yu’s comment and it makes me really upset. Yu is right, someone is going to die!

I didn’t notice Yu’s comment when I initially read Kizzy’s reply.  This is serious. With what Stacy and Rhett have done; someone could die.  It is like the most disorganized and lame fire department if you can call it a department we have now.  It makes one sick.  The Town by Charter is required to provide a Fire department; and ISO makes the requirements or else we pay through the nose on insurance.  Now I am upset and these Town People have lost their minds and better rethink this matter.  There is still a power of three and McKenzie and Miller need someone on the council to come to their senses.  But since Lofty was the chosen one by Rhett and Tonja, there is no hope that we get our firefighters back because Stacy is still with us and they won’t terminate her contract which needs to be done.

And here we have Kizzy Xyzzy who is more worried about calling someone a Troll than the real problem we have in White Springs.   Jealous, my ass!   Who would want to be these people.  When I earn money in this lifetime it is because I did something good, excelled at something and not just sit on my butt and have someone take care of me.  Most people are like me in that respect.  They just wish to do what they were meant to do and it kills them, when they were so good at being firefighters to watch the Steve and Andrew Show.  It makes me sick as well.

Karin for the blog

In reply to Yu.Xyzzy
Again ,I’m a new reader on this blog . I’m still not understanding ,if this is a serious blog why the name calling and all the personal attacks? I do like getting the information about the town

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