I just came back from a two hour meeting with Town Mayor Helen Miller. A lot was discussed but my answer is “I don’t care”

Three predominate topics were discussed.

The placing of Tommie Jerome Jones as the “Interim Town manager” There is no such position. Either he is aa Town Manager or he is not. Helen calls his position something akin to “Town Manager Lite” I tried to express that according to the Charter there is no position for a partially responsible town manager. Either Tommie Jerome jones is the town manager or he is not. Helen contends that there is a grey area that allows him to function as a “fact finder” and yet have no responsibilities as a Town Manager. He can’t sign checks for instance. Helen is wrong. There is no such position as Town Manager (Interim of Lite) Its a pregnancy issue, either you are or you are not. So we’ve gotten a Interim Town Manager who has little or no authority of a Town Manager.

Also we discussed his hiring and that he was not vetted, by a background check, prior to his being hired. His past is immaterial to Helen and presumably to the Council. He wasn’t vetted just like Townsend wasn’t vetted, Henry Dunn wasn’t vetted. Bob Farley wasn’t vetted, Bill Lawrence wasn’t vetted and Stacy Tebo wasn’t vetted. I called for a complete background check on all, from the turd chaser to the TOWN MANGER, BACKGROUND HIRES. She opposed the idea. For the life of me I can’t understand why a background check is RACIST which it is according to Tommie Jerome Jones.

I’ll know the facts next week, I hope, when the Clerk of Court for Miami Dade County, responds we will get the truth since TJJ is apparently unwilling to come up with the facts. And he has lied so often who would believe him anyway. Some Town Manager. Imagine we are starting with a person with a foot in the door to becoming the “regular town manager” who lied to Helen and she didn’t tell the Council at either of the two meetings during his hiring process.

Helen talked about filling out the Town Application, which is required by the Charter. She said the Charter was so flawed that we didn’t have to follow it. I contend she doesn’t have a choice. Its like not following the U.S. Constitution because SHE doesn’t like what it says. Pure Bullshit. She, Helen, should have applied for the Town Manager position herself since this coup de ta of the Town administration is happening with Helen,, and it must be assumed that all Council members, are okay with making the town a strong mayor form of government. Enough of this topic

Being called a Racist. How is Tommie Jerome Jones ever going to rule if he keeps calling town citizens RACIST, We took about a half hour on this subject. I contend that the only racist here is TJJ since he thought a background check was racist. He, at best is a flawed candidate and shouldn’t be hired. It is the stuff of legal actions and I’m just the guy to bring it if Tommie Jerome Jones doesn’t bring it first. He is not qualified to be town manager, Interim or not.

The final topic of discussion was Anita and Nicole bringing the town’s business and blaming Karin my wife all over Facebook. While Helen says that they shouldn’t have done that yet is apparently willing to steal the charter but not tell Anita and Nicole and Tommie to calm down the racists remarks and not bring up stuff that isn’t true. This is what pissed us off the most. People with low intelligence shouldn’t make an argument that they don’t understand. NOT ONE MORE TIME !!!! I tell you, not one more time or Judge Scaff and I will become best buddies again.

We discussed the Fire Department. Helen says that she instructed Tommie to talk to the old fire chief about returning. After two years we may have a solution to the Fire Department flap, sans Andrew Greene and Steve Stith.

But Helen can’t tell Town Manager Lite what to do according to the charter. He and he alone can make those decisions, if he is the Town Manager in fact. Helen contends he is not the Town Manager. That some how the Adjective “Interim” town manager covers the coup de ta that she is perpetrating on the town I say, not one more time, not one more time.

She and apparently the Council want to BREAK the Charter to get what they want. It is the stuff of legal actions. I say why not work with the Charter, make the Citizen’s vote mean something, and solve what problems we can before the next election or a special election to change the Charter. This thievery of Citizen’s Rights can not STAND.

I know I am considered the bad guy largely because Helen has made me so. But truth telling and Civil Rights mean a lot to me. They the Council, a percentage of citizens and the Mayor want to hire a LIAR, a racist and a Thief to be our Town Manager Lite, who would BREAK the Charter (law) if they are successful. Over my cold dead body I say.

I thank Helen for having this discussion with me today, it was refreshing prior to legal action that is forthcoming.

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  1. I told you before Joe, it’s only what Helen wants. The first time I met her she told me she runs White Springs and what she says goes. Yes, from her mouth to my ears. And for the record, Stacy DID have a background check. If Helen told you she didn’t, then Helen is a LiAR. But of course we already know that. Just 119 it Joe. All hail the great Helen Miller. All bow down and kiss her feet. Might as well, everyone keeps letting her get away with what she wants.

    1. Hey anonymous you sure do have you one big ass mouth on this blog why dont you bring this mouth to the council meetings o wait because its you Pam or is this Stacy herself any way dont you bring your big mouth to the next council meeting an voice your statements there. All these folks in this town sure love to run theee mouths on the internet but are so afraid to come to a meeting because you are the type of people who can talk a big game but cant back it up. Step up to the plate come on out of your hole you stay in come to the next meeting.

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