It was like telling kids to keep their hands out of the cookie jar… and then putting it right in front of their noses.

When we put Trump’s name into an essay last week and dared to ask whether he was a “good man,” we begged readers to keep politics out of it.

But, ah, the cookies looked so good.

Politics matter, readers wrote to us.

It’s a lie.

You’re an ignorant Trump supporter, some readers said.

You’re a liberal swamp dweller, others replied.

Yes, America, we live in odd times. Everybody has their mind made up – and they’re not about to change it.

But it’s okay. We love every piece of mail we get… even those we think may have been written to somebody else.

It is obvious you are a liberal globalist elite, which is your choice. I am a very successful and very well-educated deplorable Trump supporter who does not support your flawed analysis and political ideology. Since receiving your emails, I find many irrelevant and a waste of time to read. Your true colors have now been explicitly set forth. – Reader J.A.

Well… isn’t that something?

Us… our true colors… a liberal global elite. Whodathunkit?

Certainly not the person who wrote the next note in our mailbag.

An interesting article on Trump. I am not sure you are describing the same Trump I see. You contend he stands up for his values. What are his values? He appears to be a misogynist. A few years ago he was pro-choice and now is anti-choice. He wants to dismantle a healthcare plan that, while far from perfect, does provide coverage for my self-employed daughter who is a cancer survivor. Trump and the Repubs in Congress have no replacement, although they have had eight years to come up with ideas. He appears to be anti-black and -brown and his comments re migration in Europe and his travel ban suggests he is anti-immigration of any people who are not white. I will give him some credit for rolling back some regs, but his EPA director is going way too far with his environmental regulation rollback. The tax bill may have benefits, but they are largely lost with his ham-handed trade policy. Looking at his Cabinet, instead of draining the swamp, he is adding to the swamp. Guess we will have to disagree on your man Trump. – Reader M.L.

Well… isn’t that something?

One reader thinks the man is our enemy while the other claims we climb into the same bed with him at night.

It proves our point.

Most folks are too blinded by the bright light of politics (you know… the sort of light so many folks claim to see just before they’re yanked off the threshold to heaven’s door) to see the truth.

But not everyone has their eyes closed. In fact, it’s quite clear the next commenter is paying close attention. We applaud him for his ability to take a deep breath and take an even deeper look.

Plus… he did what we failed to do.

I am curious as to why you didn’t examine his strength/weakness in the Triad you espouse?

Certainly he must possess some Know-How, though it is not of the variety you champion. He can’t skin a rabbit, drive a nail, split firewood, fish, build, gather edible food, dig a well or really perform any manual labor. He doesn’t appear to know how ACV is made or how to plant/harvest potatoes. So your perfect drink and perfect food aren’t available unless they are on a menu somewhere. Being a successful salesman isn’t of much value when things get real, is it?

Connections you touched on, he fares poorly with his own family. Surrounding yourself with men who can only agree, is that healthy connecting? At least some of your “boys” should call you on your crap talking from time to time. How many of his cronies would show up at 3 in the morning to pull him out of the mud or sit with him in the hospital?

Do you think he knows that Liberty is a Latin word? This one he may have a shot at. He ignores social norms, etiquette, rules of grammar, political correctness, tact, tradition and restraint. I believe he feels the freedom to do as he pleases, his ID is certainly stronger than his EGO. – Reader D.B.

Nice job, D.B. It’s a fair assessment and shows our Triad in action.

It proves that title, celebrity and wealth don’t equate to happiness or true success. Nope, there’s only one path to that destination… and our Triad points the way.

Let’s move on… to something less controversial…

Like money.

Reader G.D. wrote us last week and sent us a link to a news piece about how more folks are now taking on debt to finance their vacations. (Click here for the link.)

In other words, a trip to the beach is no longer a way to celebrate good times and spend a nice bonus. It’s now a must-have accessory to life… an accessory worth taking on a 30% interest rate for.

This is trouble, folks.

If you have to pay interest to go on vacation… don’t go on vacation.

Spend the extra time at work.

On April 19, 2017, you sent out an article detailing federal regulations regarding flight delays and the compensation that is due for those who are delayed getting to their destination by one or two hours. Can you share where that information is found? Is there a chapter and verse that can be used to show airline employees the rules and regs? Just how does one go about forcing them to pay up when they continually say no? I have searched online and can’t seem to locate it anywhere. Thank you for your insight and all the great info you share with your readers! – Reader M.C.

There’s a good reason you don’t see the article on our site, M.C.

We didn’t write it.

But have no fear… we’ve got you covered.

The rules for getting paid after a flight delay are rather complex… but there’s usually an opportunity.

The first thing to understand is that if you are traveling in or to Europe, you have a much better chance of getting paid. If an EU flight is delayed for more than three hours, fliers are entitled to up to 600 euros.

Here in the States, though, things are less clear.

It’s mainly up to the airlines… which means the delay must be the airline’s fault. It can’t come due to weather, air traffic issues or anything else outside the control of the carrier.

That said, when it is the airline’s fault, you can almost always get compensated – at the very least you’ll get paid for food and drinks while you wait.

The trick is to save your receipts and document everything.

From there, we recommend a handy site called

It details all the regulations, outlines passenger rights and can even help you get paid.

Who knows… it may just help a few folks pay back all that interest they owe for their latest vacation.

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