Green Cloud on Washington corruption

After the revelations of the Judicial Watch, and the ongoing and contiinuing FOIA requests now being made and more timely responded to, it is increasingly CLEAR just how truly corrupt Establishment Washington is in BOTH parties but: it is also CLEAR that the Democrats are hardly American at all and, their policies and programs, performances and hidden agendas are more New World Order Oriented than U.S. Constitutonally compliant and in REALITY ARE NOTHING BUT PURE MARXIST in application and the party should be outlawed, AS THEY CONTINUE TO ERODE GUARANTEED FREEDOMS LIKE DISSENT, FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS! Since they all swear the same oath as the military: to defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies,foreign and domestic, NOT TO BECOME ONE: those who act so are 3 things; in violation of their sworn oaths, malfeasant in office as a result and also derelict in duty to their AMERICAN CITIZEN CONSTITUENTS, and all 3 are impeachable offenses. IT IS THE ENTIRE PARTY WHICH SHOULD BE IMPEACHED: NOT OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. PERIOD. I am not a lawyer but, I AM a 73 year old Disabled by Agent Orange,Honorably serving Vietnam Veteran and 1968 Tet Offensive survivor had a degree in GOVERNMENT, then and spent his last 2 years in Washington, D.C. at Walter Reed Army Medical Center ON staff and I KNOW from close dealings with Congress cretins JUST how utterly corrupt they are. We NEED term limits if we would remain free!

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