The Roaring Twenties was a time of wealth and over indulgence

Many believed the market could sustain high price levels and one could earn in abundance

Then in 1929, Black Thursday, Black Friday Black Monday and Black Tuesday caused the market to collapse

And such transpired when real estate was on a decline and many did not have a lot of cash

Most saw their adult life go by before the stock prices were stable

So the parents of the baby boomers by nature were frugal and able

To value the dollar and save for the future

With little left for their children to provide further nurture

The Baby Boomers fought long and hard to bring forth a better life

But many did not have the funds to assist their children from having further strife

The Baby Boomers successes were much to behold.

They worked hard, and utilized their education and abilities to bring forth new technologies and new businesses began to unfold.

The lessons of their parents were long forgotten

It became a dog eat dog world and one looked down upon those in the bottom

Stress became our ally as we strived to attain vehicles, houses, and recreational items

Which would be perceived better than those of our neighbors and those around us

Our children would be provided expensive things without much of a fuss

Electronics, designer clothing and Jewelry became a must

And in our stockbroker we placed all of our trust.

Stress was our ally in the circumstances of our employment

Even insurance and balloon payments surely could not place a dent on our retirement

We did not care about strangers or those less fortunate

And we certainly did not care to understand the reasoning behind the lessons we learned

In that simplistic time when there was very little credit and so little stress in securing those things for which we yearned.

So today, when we assess our lives as we have lost our jobs and our assets

We note we are not alone in these numerous overwhelming facets

The Stock Market crashed and the Banking Industry was the first to plummet again

Corporations and Businesses could no longer sustain normal operations, the number of employees nor their bills to pay on.

So you can see that everything is done for us not to us

It may not seem like a blessing at the time of this worldly chaos

But it has brought us into a simpler time.

One in which we again must conserve our every dime.

Our children this time will hopefully understand the value of a dollar

So that they will not make the mistakes of their mother and father

We no longer need to personally compete

And expect others to bend at our feet

But instead we are daily achieving oneness in understanding our fellow man

Realizing there are no differences in our respective plan

Instead we must work together to better the world and each community

By utilizing the gifts and abilities God has given to each one of us and in unity

For us, we have been given a historical experience

And what we do with it for the betterment of mankind is of importance, less the excrescence

We now recognize our neighbors and friends and welcome them into our life

Because we are not so different and we strive to each survive.

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