This email serves as your official warning of impending Legal Action against you with the Florida Ethics Commission and the Circuit Court in and for Hamilton County for violations of the Town Charter and the Sunshine Law.

I am tired of you playing hide and seek with your responsibilities as a Town Council member AND ERSTWHILE MAYOR. The legal case against you and TONJA will be brought up to the Council at the July 10 Council meeting because of Town Charter provision 10.04 which says that a Citizen must give 30 day’s notice TO THE COUNCIL of impending legal action against the town. At the July meeting it is my intention to give such notice. An attorney has been contacted to bring the legal case to the Judge and the Court. You will have a rough copy of the suit at the July meeting along with the other Council members. How you avoid the suit is by having a full investigation IN THE SUNSHINE of the interference you provided to the Code Inspector. This investigation will examine the facts surrounding your and Tonja’s violation of the Town Charter (sections 3.02 and 2.03) Sunshine Law, the Municipal Ordinance 98-01 (the Zoning Code) and State Ethics Law (Florida Statute 112.313). A full in the Sunshine investigation is what the suit asks of the Judge to provide. Since no money is involved as since you and Spencer violated the Sunshine Law I don’t anticipate that the Judge will deny me a public investigation since such is the LAW.

The Ethics Complaint is easier to prosecute and has already been filed. An elected position is the property of the elected person. That means that your efforts to deny any involvement with the Zoning Code violation were obviously an attempt not to have your property taken from you. You did this without Due Process and in a totally willful manner (Florida Statute 112.313(4) and (6)). As you may be aware, other Ethics Complaints have been filed on other Council members and town officials. My intention is to file an Ethics Complaint on you for misusing your public position to maintain your position to benefit yourself and yourself alone. I have no obligation to notify the Council of an intention to file an Ethics Complaint against you although I have done so in the past.

This email is being sent to your personal email account to make sure you get it. Public Records are a beautiful thing.

Please take the appropriate action. Have the in the Sunshine Investigation or face the legal consequences.

Yours for a more open government,


Joe Griffin

Citizen Activist.  

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