Did the Bullards have Alexis Spoehr removed from the Jasper news?

For those of you who read the Jasper news, have you noticed that Alexis Spoehr is no longer the reporter for White Springs?.  And Jessie Box has returned as the reporter. It may be mentioned that even when material was provided to Ms. Box previously, it was never published in the paper.  So, here we are again with no tranparency.


It was known that  Alexis Spoehr was related to Nikki Williams and both are as honest as the day is long.  Yet like Rhett Bullard tried to bully and bribe Ms. Williams, I am certain he had something to do with removing Alexis as our reporter.  If he did not, I am certain Cousin Johnny Bullard had reason to keep the Bullard name intact.  I only hope she has not been terminated because her reporting was great.


For the first time in a long time Alexis wrote articles in the manner in which they happened.  It was refreshing.  But of course, that meant Rhett Bullard’s fallacies would come to fruition to all of the public and that would not assist him in any way.


Don’t tell me that the Bullard’s are in the war with the public at this time!  This is the first time they can’t use their good boy charms because Rhett showed how evil he was at Helen’s hearing and many of us have seen and discussed his actions which were pitiful.  He unfortunately is not a leader of people and it is only money which talks with the Bullards and what they can do for each other.



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