Did our town ever really need a Town Clerk since Pam now handles both jobs.

In addition to her job as finance director.Pam is also the Public Records Custodian. Even though the Town charter requires a separate position for the Town Clerk, both have been combined since Shirley Heath retired.

This has perplexed me so I will ask the question; If can do it all, (and we know not well) what did we need Shirley for all of those 18 years? If one person can do it all except for answering the phone and typing up the minutes Shirley seems like a freeloader. Of course we know that isn’t true. She worked hard at being the Town Clerk and like Stacy Tebo, Shirley was a great source of information.  Shirley found every piece of gossip she could and elaborated on it when necessary, but like Pam, she knew all the dirty little secrets and used them only when necessary.

. Maybe it is Pam who is the dead wood on the town’s payroll? I certainly do not know but you cannot ignore the fact that one person is now doing two people’s job, not the finance portion well, but she is doing both jobs.  Of course, I don’t think anyone has looked at the Charter or changed the job description.  Pam has done minimal work in the accounting/finance area all along and was brought in by Shirley and that has remained throughout the years. But oh well, it is what Rhett Bullard and our Town Manager wish.  We cannot have too many efficient and intelligent people working at Town Hall.

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