Destiny describes Officer Marsh:



brandon marsh is a kind person who helps out us citizens and keeps us safe.


Karin’s Comment:  Sorry I hadn’t noticed your comment previously Destiny.  I have not seen but hate and anger in Officer Marsh’s persona and he has shown that toward my Physically challenged husband twice plus even I get the evil eye. We have not done anything to him and if he believes the lies at Town Hall about us, he obviously does not have the ability to be an unbiased law enforcement officer.   If he does what you state, I’ve not seen it at Council Meetings nor do I ever see a police officer from White Springs roaming our streets like previously.  When a lady was being beat up in our neighborhood, The Jasper Police Department assisted.  When other problems occur, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office assists.  WSPD Officer Doyle is the kind and helpful officer you have mentioned.  He was also unkind to a friend of mine who lost her husband.

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