Correspondent writes directly to Steve Stith after the June 11th meeting

Nice showing tonight Steve you really didn’t prove a point at all. Congratulations you have living human beings on your so called department;  the point being is we dont not care how many of whom you have on your roster, its how many live with in 5,10,20,30 miles from town. How many would make it to my house on fire at 2am 3am 4am 5am on a Monday Tuesday a Wednesday or even Thursday with in 10 minutes because if you’re the smart ass you think you are then you would realize a fire frow doubles it size every 30 seconds.
So having the people you have now does this town no good when they are only here Saturday and Sunday. You claim your department personnel were at the station 8 days. Those were the words that came out of your mouth so are you counting the days your personal are working for Hamilton EMS? or is this another lie.
Step down Steve stop trying to protect your little butt buddy.  You are some what of a smart man but you are extremely stupid if you ever ever trust going into a fire with Andrew or his wife the bi$#% queen because i hate to say it that probably wouldn’t be coming out.. I do not know what you see in Him.  It blows my mind.  Hell, you’re putting all this work into this boy and yes i will call him a boy because that’s what he is when this jack off doesn’t even live in town anymore.  He quit the town just like you have twice before.
Just give it up Steve lets be real you’re only doing this to fit in and look cool for your Century personal.  You could car less about this town because if you did care about this town and its citizens you wouldn’t have quit twice before. We are all fools to believe you actually care when all you really want is a club house. You want to play firefighter in this small town because you never made it with a big department you either quit or got ran off.  Words I’ve heard from many old timers.



Karin’s comment: Thank you for your commentary.  I was extremely disappointed about tonight’s discussions relating to Steve Stith.  And here again we have Walter McKenzie singing praises and Steve Stith stating one of his firefighters was one of the five that showed up to McKenzies house during the folk festival.  Walter McKenzie has no clue that it is Hamilton County EMS that is the real hero of White Springs.

Also, I sent the Sheriff’s report which is on the blog as well, to Helen Miller, Walter McKenzie and Tom Moore.  In fact I had worked out some of the distances of these firefighters who wont respond to a fire in White Springs and there is no way they can come to White Springs in ten minutes.

Did you notice his face when I mentioned it was Genoa who responded (to the vacant house) fires not White Springs and that they were late to help when requested by EMS and of course the police department goes to the Landing Zone (and with other emergencies).  My question  was how can his report be any different than the Sheriff’s department.

No, Walter is full of himself and you may not have been there later but I brought up the fire department and the fact that Stacy complained that not the council but she was the supervisor which Attorney Hatton had previously stated.  I asked Stacy Tebo why is it that she can complain about the Fire Department supervision but that she does not do her job because she has never brought out financials at every meeting as the Charter requires her to do and tell the council if there are problems and if she has a solution she should advise them.  This was after McKenzie thanked Helen Miller for bringing up the fact that in the $30,000 Fire Department budget over $31,000 almost $32,000 (I’ll provide the exact figure tomorrow) was spent and the budget showed $30,000.  And as you know that is contingent upon Stith’s non-firefighters who live miles away and cant respond living up to the Hamilton County Emergency Services agreement and we all know that’s a fat chance in hell. 

No, I am so angry about how our council is so ignorant that they can’t see what is really happening.  I made the Sheriff’s call report as easy as I could but only using military time for the important items and yet our council is so full of themselves and their position they don’t have a clue that it could be their property that burns the next time.

I have to tell you, I am so sad about tonight’s events and the fact that the Council believes Stith.  Kevin Pittman and the rest of the firefighters were the best and now we have crap.  Mark my words, a fire at one of their properties and only Genoa and Jasper responding like in the Systrunk Fire may finally make them realize how stupid they are….at least one can hope.

God Bless You and all the former WS firefighters and the Hamilton County EMS and Thank you for your wonderful article.


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